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Zaporizhzhya Regional Theatre of Young Spectator

Zaporizhzhya Regional Theatre Youth Theatre was established in 1979. The troupe consisted of young, daring and inspired actors yesterday graduate of Zaporizhzhya and Kharkov Theatre Institute, as well as specially invited and those who passed the competitive selection of experienced actors.

Nov. 20 premiere of the play "The dramatic song" was born theater. The play of Pavel Korchagin was a passionate and inspirational statement on the right to live and win. Led theater Honored Artist of USSR, Alexander King.

Creative passion, courage and perseverance in finding innovative solutions determined face of a young team. Speech on republican festivals and all-Union level (the USSR) brought the theater numerous diplomas and awards.

A long time theater work at the Palace of Culture "Titan." At this stage theater performances for the first time showed children "Terem Teremok", "fly-chirper", "Royal Barber," "Cat House", "Mowgli", "Spring confusion" and managed to gain a reputation as a good magician and wise friend. Here took place the premiere of sharp, burning, psychologically true performances of problematic and contradictory world of young people - "Meeting of the Committee on Youth" Art. Nestayko, "Bank of milk", which is condensed and 'Royal Mansion "Vereshchaka J.," The night after the release of "W. Tendryakova. Having lost this stage, the theater has worked in the district of BC. Thus, the premiere performance speakerphone "Taming Restive" took place in BC "Dneprospetsstal."

In 1984. chief director of the theater was appointed Boris I.. The most famous spectacle of the period of "Romeo and Juliet" Shakespeare.

In 1987. theater led Honored Artist of the USSR E. Golovatyuk. In 1988. staff meeting for the post of chief director was elected director of the theater V. Denisenko, who led the House in 2005.

In 1987. Central Boulevard to 4, where the direction of the theater, repetition rooms and production workshops, their own efforts was an experimental small scene. The first performance of Little same scene, "I stand at the restaurant" JE. Radzinskoho (directed by E. Golovatyuk) had a noisy success. And for tickets to the show "Aesop" H. Figueiredo (director V. Denisenko), spectators lined up at night. Performances N. Voschylovoyi that were then - "Edith Piaf", "Myth of Monroe", "Jeanne d'Arc" were always of the same house.

In 80 years of theater grew rapidly, gradually turning the theater young audience in a theater for young people, as happened in 1988.

In 1997. theater was "new" room - old house political education. It was assumed that the building will be reconstructed: there will be two scenes - big and small, repetition rooms and production workshops. However, the country was "restructuring" and the theater remained, and with it thousands of children without the support and attention of the authorities. His forces were arranged small stage, which revived the play, which even today in the repertoire: "Not only Hamlet," "Adventures from MDD," "public view is prohibited," "Waltz of the case", "good intentions" " The generals in skirts "," Sovereign word, "" Two in a boat, not counting his wife "and others.

In 2005. artistic director of the theater becomes GV Fortus. In the same year in the life of the theater was long-awaited event - the theater has found its own building. Former BC "Builders" began to change its appearance, gradually nasyschayuchys charming theatrical atmosphere. As part of the creative team there are essential changes: theater troupe thoroughly refreshed by young actors, alumni acting branch of Zaporizhzhya National University, mainly pupils honored. Art Worker of Ukraine G. Fortusa and students roam. the art. Ukraine A. King and honored. the art. Ukraine N. Stadnichenko.

Changing the creative aspirations of the theater. Keeping the best traditions of high artistic quality, honesty, openness in speaking with young people - theater aims to be relevant and modern, interesting for today's children and young people to talk to them seriously as equals. We want to be needed for young people who are going through such a difficult time living as becoming the person, the choice of ethical guidelines and priorities when entering into adulthood, young people adopted in society. Theater, modeling, utilyuyuchy on stage, different stories, and always play some life history, can help solve complex problems and conflicts.

In repertory theater performances are for all ages from 5 years to 100. And anyone can find in it that is best suited to him in spirit and soul need. Is modern and classic plays, comedy and tragedy.

Increasingly, theater poster updated with new tales. Over the past two years, this new musical fairy tale "Aladdin" musical "stir in milk kingdom", played a musical fairy tale "Terem Teremok" and musical "fly-chirper." Creating music for children theater primarily seeks to create a magical world of fairy tales, full of festive atmosphere and wonderful transformation. Every Sunday at 11.00 theater awaits children and parents on a fabulous show.

Artistic Director of Theatre Honored Artist of Ukraine Gennadiy FORTUS

Address Theatre Street. 40 years of Soviet Ukraine, 55a (formerly BC "Builders") station transport "store Ukraine", "Circus"

Inquiries by phone: (061) 236-16-70, 236-16-71, 236-16-72