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Zaporizhia Regional Theater of Puppets

Zaporizhia Oblast Puppet Theater was founded in August 1939. The founder-organizer was the artistic director and director Nadia Yosypivna Kopp, who for half a year has created more than 10 performances including - "Flower purple," "Puss in Boots" by C. Perry and others.

World War II stopped the work of the theater, but immediately after its completion, returning to Zaporizhia main group of creative theater, raised the issue of opening puppet theater.

December 8, 1945 started operating Zaporizhia Oblast Puppet Theater. A month - January 15, 1946 the first small city residents saw the play on the play by N. Gernet "Ugly Duckling".

Since then, the theater began a new life - complex, but also filled with new content. Lacking its own facilities, transport, the theater worked beyond creativity, letting in the year from 6 to 10 performances .. We had to give joy to children around the great city, and also not to forget the rural children, because the theater has a regional status. It also roamed along the roads and Zaporozhye region "Red Riding Hood" and "Cinderella," "whiskered smuhatyy" and "Horse-Horse," "For schuchym command" and "Magic Lamp Aladdin" and many others.

For some time Zaporizhzhya puppeteers go to the Philharmonic. In 1970 the Zaporizhzhya Oblast Puppet Theatre again became an independent creative unit chief director is M.Lysov and director of AI Burakovsky.

In January 1971, the theater opened as a new play by play Shurinovoyi "Morozko." A colorful tale charmed all.

In 1972 the theater was staged the first show for adults. It was a fairy Mayakovsky "Bug." Initiative staging this play belonged theater director Alexander I. Burakovsky.

From 1984 -1998 he was theater led GI Shevchenko.

Since 1987 the main director was A. Halimon - Honored Artist of Ukraine.

In April, 1999. the theater come new director flask AM, and from 2007. artistic director of the theater was N. Sokolovsky.

Theatre has a number of awards for participation in

- Regional festival "Sicheslavna";

- Interregional festival "Puppet meeting" (Donetsk);

- International Festival "Podolsky doll" (Vinnitsa);

- National festival "puppet rainbow" (Zaporozhye).

Geography tour of Zaporizhzhya Oblast Puppet Theater diverse Moldova, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine city. Play our theater audience applauded little Austria. Wherever visited the theater, remained good friends, but only in Zaporizhia live the most dedicated and loyal friends that every time looking forward to the emergence of a new premier.

Despite his venerable age theater full of new creative plans and ideas.

Address: Zaporizhia, ul. Gogol, 60 (station transport "Theatre. Magara")

Phone: (061) 764-27-67, 764-18-06