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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre


Zaporizhzhya Regional Academic Ukrainian Musical and Dramatic Theatre. VG Magara

Address: 69063 Zaporozhye, Lenin Avenue, 41

Phone: (061) 764-40-72, 764-38-17, 764-40-72

Founded - March 5, 1929.

From 1936 to 1965 the theater led a distinguished master of Ukrainian scene, People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Gerasimov Magaril whose name is on the theater in March 2004.

During World War II theater worked in Georgia, Uzbekistan, Takzhykistani, Turkmenistan, North Ossetia, Dagestan.

In April 1944, the theater, the decision of the Government of Ukraine was registered forever in Zaporizhia. In 1953, grew a beautiful building of the new theater building, which became the property of the architectural panorama of the city.

In 2000 the theater opened after major repairs. Today it is one of the best theaters of Ukraine architecture, aesthetics and technical equipment.

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Zaporizhia Oblast Puppet Theater

Address: Zaporizhia, ul. Gogol, 60

Phone: (061) 764-27-67, 764-18-06

Zaporizhia Oblast Puppet Theater was founded in August 1939. The founder-organizer was the artistic director and director Nadia Yosypivna Kopp, who for half a year has created more than 10 performances including - "Flower purple," "Puss in Boots" by C. Perry and others.

World War II stopped the work of the theater, but immediately after its completion, returning to Zaporizhia main group of creative theater, raised the issue of opening puppet theater.

December 8, 1945 started operating Zaporizhia Oblast Puppet Theater. A month - January 15, 1946 the first small city residents saw the play on the play by N. Gernet "Ugly Duckling".

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Zaporizhzhya Regional Theatre of Young Spectator

Address: Zaporizhia, ul. 40 years of Soviet Ukraine, the 55th

Phone: (061) 236-16-71, 236-16-72, 236-16-70

Zaporizhzhya Regional Theatre Youth Theatre was established in 1979. The troupe consisted of young, daring and inspired actors yesterday graduate of Zaporizhia and Kharkov Theatre Institute, as well as specially invited and those who passed the competitive selection of experienced actors.

Nov. 20 premiere of the play "The dramatic song" was born theater. The play of Pavel Korchagin was a passionate and inspirational statement on the right to live and win. Led theater Honored Artist of USSR, Alexander Korol.

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Theatre Cossack battle "Zaporozhian Spas»

Address: Historical and Cultural Complex "700-year old Zaporozhian Oak"

Phone: (099) 736-97-07, (098) 09-11-455

Theatre Cossack battle "Zaporozhian Spas" can offer theatrical performances with elements of Cossack horse dzhyhitovky in Historical and Cultural Complex "700-year-old Zaporozhian Oak" unforgettable horseback riding island Khortytsya, Cossack entertainment and much more!