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Museum of "Dniprospetsstal"

Museum of "Dniprospetsstal"  


The first high-quality electric steel heat produced on October 10, 1932 became the birthday of the Tool Steel's Plant. That was the former name of the Dniprospetsstal' Elektrometalurhiynyi Zavod im. A.M.Kuz'mina VAT (the Zaporozhye Steel Mill DNEPROSPETSSTAL named for A.N.Kuzmin JSC) - one of the biggest enterprises of the Zaporizhzhia industrial complex.

The history of the plant's establishment, its development, evacuation during the Great Patriotic War, after war reconstruction, further development, new technologies assimilation, social issues solving, all these events  are  reflected in the museum exposition of the enterprise.  The museum was established according to the order No. 89 of 29 May, 1960 of the plant's director Oleksandr Fedorovych Tregubenko. Gennadiy Vasylyovych Plechun, an editor of the plant's newspaper "Electrometalurg", became a leader of the initiative group. At first, the museum was located in a small room of the central plant's laboratory. A lot of interesting exhibit items concerning the history of the enterprise were collected and the majority of them became the basis of the present exposition.

During many years Georgiy Mykhailovych Borodulin, Chief Engineer, Borys Mykhailovych Sergeyev, Head of the department of scientific--technical and economic information, Viktor Izrailevich Nemzer, Master mechanic, Mykhailo Cemenovych Vul'fovych, Head of the central laboratory of the plant and Svitlana Mykhailivna Litovchenko, Director of the museum gathered and systemized the items and information on the history of the plant.  

In 1968 the "Dniprospetsstal'" Museum was awarded the honored name of "Narodnyi muzei" (People's museum). Later, the museum was located at "Zhovtnevyi" Culture Centre, and in 1992, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the plant; two halls of new exposition were opened at the building of production management. Now, the museum occupies 6 halls of total 298 square metres, among them 5 exposition halls which contain 2211 items related to the history of the plant. There are also the archive premises where more 4 thousand items are being stored.

Design of the exposition under the project of Igor Bobrovs'kyi was carried out by the artists of the Zaporizhzhia production-and- arts centre Volodymyr Obrizan and Viktor Belyayev involving the plant's artists Georgiy Oleksiyovych Yatsenko, Fedor Vonifatiyovych Dombrovs'kyi and others.

 The development and decoration works of the renewed exposition were led by Sergiy Yakovych Orobchenko, head of the sociology laboratory, and Youriy Mykolayovych Ryl'skyi, new director of the museum. Great contribution was made to the museum creation by selflessly working of Mykola Antonovych Belik, Grygoriy Trokhymovych Abramchenko, Petro Oleksandrovych Kosa, Vira Luk'yanivna Sokolyk and many more workers of the enterprise.

The museum represents the monumental paintings by Zaporizhzhia artists Volodymyr Korobov - "Preparation work for setting in operation, installation of the first  10-ton electric furnace at the Tool's Steel Plant ", and Viktor Khivrenko - "The first after war tapping of  quality Zaporizhzhia steel", the hammer-formed brass sculpture groups by Vladylen Kostyantynovych Dubinin "Budivel'nyky ZISu" (The Builders of ZISu) and "The Control pulpit of the assembly of the gas-oxygen refining of steel in the steelmaking shop No.2" by Volodymyr Gavrons'kyi.


The first hall of the museum contains the items related to the development of the Tool's Steel Plant and the work of the enterprise before the Great Patriotic War. The first stand of the exposition is dedicated to the Dnirpohes, which became the power supplier during development of the entire Zaporizhzhia industrial complex. On 10th of October, 1932 a celebrating ceremony dedicated to the first electrical current flow diverted to the Tool's Steel Plant was held.  The complex of very interesting items given by Veteran of Labour Volodymyr Tymofiyovych Pogudin is exposed at the museum. They are the originals of the end of the 20th- the beginning of the 30th: the certificates, references, memoirs, photos, "Active participator of the Dniprovs'koye development" badge No. 51/78 (1932), personal things and so on.  There are a lot of photos depicting the development of the shops and the work of the plant before the war. Among the most interesting items there is an employee identification of Borys L'vovych Glozman, a participator of the prescheduled concrete casting of the supporting construction of the steel-casting shop ZISu in 1932; an inkstand made of the first electric steel heat in 1932; a magazine "USSR in Construction" No.3 (March of 1934), completely dedicated to the Dniprocombinat construction; the books "Dniprosteel. The technical and economical basis of the project", 1932 and "The works of the first All-Union Soviet Congress dedicated to the quality steels", 1933; the first collection published at the plant "The collection of the technological instructions on steel smelting and teeming", the plant's "Stalinets'" newspaper  samples, 1933-1934.

The exposition represents the materials dedicated to Prokop Fedorovych Rodomantsev, a participator of the first heat production in the steel melting shop No.2: a photo of the steelmaker at the electric furnace, his employment book with the first record dated February, 1930, the orders books, the certificated of the defense of Zaporizhzhia and liberation of Khortytsya Island in 1941 and so on. There the documents of Yukhym Tarasovych Yastrebilov are represented as well, who was the first work manager in the construction of ZISu, and Moisey Nychyporovych Kurilyuk, a secretary of the party committee of the plant and "Zaporizhstal", who opened a meeting dedicated to the first heat of the quality steel and later who  was persecuted. In the section dedicated to Stakhanovism among numerous items there are a photo of Ganna Stepanivna Bugayova, a woman who had worked before the war as a steelmaker helper, and the articles about her selfless and hard work.

The second hall of the exposition tells about the activity of the "Dniprospetsstal'" plant during the Great Patriotic War., its evacuation and after war reconstruction. As if turning over the pages of that sorrow time the exposition represents the documents of the workers dated the first months of the war, the Golovspetsstal references of 10th September, 1941 on the workers' participation in the plant's evacuation, the Evacuation Certificate with the list of the evacuated materials and equipment. 2327 of wagons full of equipment of the "Dniprospetsstal'" were sent to Siberia and Ural.

The workers of the plant did everything possible to move closer to a long wished day - the Day of Victory. The exposition represents the presentational watch given by the directorate of the Kuznets'k Metallurgical Combinat to Veteran of Labour Ivan Danylovich Pistekhin to award his selfless work in the hinterland in September, 1943, the "Excellent in Socialist Competition of Narkomat of iron industry of RSFSR" badge, 1943, which belonged to the eldest Zaporizhzhia metallurgist Viktor Grygorovych Sperans'kyi, the magazine dated 1943, the registration book of the electrical furnaces No. 2 and 3 of the steel melting shop of the "Spetsstal'" plant in Siberia, the documents of Semen Zakharovych Yudovych, the first chief engineer of the "Dniprospetsstal" and "Spetsstal" plants, and the orders on award and bonus payments of the "Dniprospetsstal"  workers who worked in the hinterland.  

The damage during the war done to the plant alone amounted to 79.5 million rubles.  The stand contains photos of the ruins of the shops, "Photo album of destructions. Zaporizhzhia, 1946.", the documents related to the beginning and the process of the reconstruction works, acceptance certificates of the reconstructed shops, the first after war  "Book of Honour ", other documents and things which belonged to the workers of the plant.

The museum has 3 busts and personal stands with the items and things which belonged to the first director of the plant, Laureate of Lenin prize, Fedor Oleksandrovych Trgubenko, one of the central streets was named in his honour, also the items dedicated to Mykhailo Yakymovych Boiko,   the first at the "Dnirpospetsstal'" plant Hero of Socialist Labour and to Kostyantyn Sergiyovych Yel'tsov, the second director of the plant, Hero of Socialist Labour.

The visitors of the museum pay special attention to the third hall where it is demonstrated the model of the Processing line 80?180  of the rolling-mill shop and the ESR furnace in the steel melting shop No.5. Interesting stands and sections tell about the workers of the plant - Heroes of Socialist Labour, laureates of state prizes, Honoured and Honorary metallurgist, workers dynasties, and rotating shifts of friendship with the metallurgists of  Electrostal' Moscow suburban city . Also the samples of the plant's production are represented here:  the templates of rolled products, forged products, steel strips of various types, building bars, drills, cutlery, consumer goods, pipes, etc.

The plant was given the state awards many times during its labour activity. The exposition demonstrates the Certificates of Honour on the occasion of the conferral of Order of the Red Banner of Labour and Order of the October Revolution, anniversary badges to honour the achievements of the highest results in the competition and the presents to the workers of the enterprise on the occasions of the memorable dates.

The exposition ends with the sculpture group which depicts the controlling the control pulpit of the assembly of the gas-oxygen refining of steel. The workers of the plant who had developed and implemented the method became laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technique. On the stand there is a picturesque photo depicting the meeting of the President of Ukraine and the laureates.


The museum exposition has a wide range of capabilities for professional orientation of senior class pupils of the secondary schools, students of the colleges and technical vocational schools, and students of technical and humanitarian higher education establishments. Here they will have the possibility to study the actual model of the rolling mill "1050".

In the museum albums there are the pictures of the technologies, the plant's shops and areas, the details of the mechanization and automating of the hard physical works, the implementation of the achievements of the scientific and technical progress into production. After all, the details and blocks for the aerospace ships "Vostok", "Soyuz", and "Buran" were made of steel produced at the "Dniprospetsstal'" plant.  It was the "Dniprospetsstal'" plant where the ESR-process was pioneered in May, 1958. Then the patents and licenses for the construction of ESR furnaces were sold to the USA, Japan, Sweden, France and other countries.

Each excursion is accompanied by a 10-minute film displayed on a pc; the film is about the technology of the production of the high-quality types of steel of the VAT"Dniprospetsstal'". The pupils and students have the possibility to work with the database with the information on the history of the structural subsidiaries of the enterprise, technology of the production, modernization of the equipment and ecological issues.

Every event of the plant is reflected in the museum's activity. There surveying excursions are constantly run for the workers who have recently been employed at the plant. The professional orientation work is being held with the pupils of the technical vocational and secondary schools of the city.

The publication of the book about the plant's history "It is our biography" became a very important from scientific and educational point of view event. The total print run of the 300 page illustrated with the photos book amounted to 4.5 thousand copies. Another book about the plant written by Mykhailo Semenovych Vul'fovych, veteran the "Dniprospetsstal'" plant, candidate of technical sciences was published in 2002. This book, relying on the data of the Zaporizhzhia State Archive and periodicals of the 30ies, researches the history of the plant before the war.  The study on the history of the VAT "Dniprospetsstal'" continues.  

The People's Museum of the Dniprospetsstal' Elektrometalurhiynyi Zavod im. A.M.Kuz'mina VAT became a winner of the oblast' review of the museums of the enterprises and organizations dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Ukraine liberation from german-fascist invaders, the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the 70th anniversary of the Zaporizhzhia Industrial Complex and was awarded the Honourary Certificate of the Department for Culture of  the Zaporizhzhia State Administration, the City Council and the Zaporizhzhya Oblast' Museum of Local Lore.

The Council of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War of the ""Dniprospetsstal'" plant, and personally veterans of the plant Vasyl' Vasyliovych Shmatchenko, Ganna Afanasiivna Tuponogova, V'yacheslav Grygorovych Onopko, Volodymyr Petrovych  Glushko, Oleksiy Yukhymovych Stakharnyi and others help greatly in the items' search, gathering and preparation works for the exposition. The administration of the enterprise and trade union take part in the museums activity as well.

Address of the museum: 69008, Zaporizhzhia, Pivdenne Shose, 81, VAT "Dniprospetsstal'", the building of the productional management, 2nd floor. Transport stop "VAT "Dniprospetsstal'", tram No. 3. 12, trolleybus No. 9a, 9б, bus (route taxi) No. 68, 26


Director of the museum: Ryl's'kyi Yuriy Mykolayovych

Telephone: (061) 283-42-30