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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Cinema Zaporozhye region

Cinema them. Dovzhenko

Address Zaporozhye, Lenin Avenue, 145, station transport "TC Ukraine",

Information call: 220-93-96 (answering machine) 233-35-28

Cinema them. Dovzhenko - one of the central city cinemas. Open Theater in 1964. Modern hall with 450 seats, of which 28 are located in the VIP-zone - 18.5 x8, 5 m, surround sound system DOLBY DIGITAL its In 2010 using light with a large viewing angle, 3D-glasses.

Cinema "Baida"

3D kynoteatr "Bayda Cinema"

Zaporozhye, Lenin Avenue, 162, station transport "festival area"

tel.: avtootvetchyk: 220-95-00, tel. for spravok: 220-45-52

"Baida" related to the Dnipropetrovsk "Kinosystemy" and is situated in downtown of the same name in the heart of Kiev. Since October 2010 180 cm Because of the number of seats was reduced from 632 to 302, set a comfortable chair.

Cinema them. Mayakovsky

Address Zaporozhye, Lenin Avenue, 167, station transport "Shevchenko"

Information call: 270-03-89, 220-95-00

In 2006 the cinema open after complete reconstruction. Benefits Cinema: accommodation in city center, large comfortable chairs, a large distance between the rows, the presence of cafe and comfortable sofas in the waiting room, free toilet. As in "Baida" in theater "Mayakovsky" implements system of sound DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND-EX, working air conditioners. screen less than "Baida" or "Dovzhenko"

Cinema "Khortytskyi"

Address: Zaporozhye, pr Soviet, 15, station transport "Shop"

Information call: 283-77-23

Cinema "Star"

Address Zaporozhye, Lenin Avenue 91, station transport "Maliy Rinok"

Information call: 62-10-51

One of the oldest movie theaters. Long time, "Star" was in decline Hall, now in one of them placed bowling. After reconstruction - installation of a new screen system Dolby, as well as cosmetic repairs - cinema revived. all the "Star" 380 places. Cinema is located in the city. compete with "its fortifications were destroyed" or "Mayakovsky" "Star" is unlikely, but you can see the film at very affordable price.