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Philharmonic Hall

The Zaporizhzhia Oblast’ Philharmonic Hall founded in 1939 is one of the most know concert establishments in Ukraine. At present, its creative team consists of the Academic Symphony Orchestra, "Zaporozhtsi” Cossacks Song and Dance Ensemble, elocutionist, pop-group and three concert groups of music and thematic lyceum.

The Zaporizhzhia Oblast’ Philharmonic Hall has a creative basis for all types of musical arts. 600 concert performances including symphony and chamber concerts, solo concerts of the Philharmonic’s performers, music lyceums, literature conferences, foreign performers, oblast and international festivals, contests, creative meetings, performances dedicated to professional and traditional holidays make up a creative contribution of the Philharmonic’s artists.

It is always a holiday for Zaporizhzhia people when a new concert season opens. Among the most colourful concert programs "Stage Maestros”, "Golden pages of the Classics”, "New Names”, conserts for children "Music’s Adventure in the XXth century”, "Little Secrets of the Big Orchestra” promoting both little-known classic works and works of  the modern native and foreign composers should be noted.  The concerts "Festive Colours”, "Descendants remember it forever” and "Between Past and Future” concerts amused their spectators.

The Academic Symphony Orchestra directed by People's Artiste of Ukraine V.V. Redya is considered to be a flagship of the city. "Hits of the XXth century” and "Music and Cinema” programs became very popular. The company visited with concerts France, South Korea, Italy and Russia. The orchestra represents musical art of Zaporizhzhia city decently on the international contests and festivals.

The "Zaporozhtsi” Cossacks Song and Dance Ensemble deserves special attention. "The Cossack bloodline will never perish”, "Christmas Meetings”, "A Way to Taras” and "Cossacks outlaw - the land of immortal glory” became traditional concert programs.

Concert and lyceum groups make a great contribution to spiritual and musical upbringing of the youth.  The following programs have been created and become popular during the year: "The Secrets of Music Genres”, "The Classics Through the Eyes of Contemporaries” , "The Zavalyaika Station”, "Little Muk” and "Music and Cinema”.

Support and organization of the "Accords of Khortytsya” All-Ukrainian Festival of Children and Youth Performing Art and the "Christ Raising” International Festival of Spiritual Singing is also an important part in culture development.

Such famous artists as People's Artiste of Ukraine V. Kozlov (piano, Kyiv), M. Mdoyants (piano, Moscow), the laureates of international contests O. Nabulin (piano, Moscow), D. Naidich (France), R. Komachkov (cello, Moscow), I. Kayatstsa (conductor, Italy), T. Shtonda (bass, Moscow) and many more performed on the stage.

The Philharmonic Hall is situated in the Glinka Concert Hall which was built in the 50s by an architector and the State Prize laureate G. Vegman and an engineer V. Shapil’s’kyi. Attendants at the Philharmonic concerts have an opportunity to see the Great Hall, one of the best halls in Europe with distinguished architecuture style and great acoustics. Over the years of its existence the Philharmonic Hall has become an important cetre of culture in Zaporizhzhia land.

Address: 69006, Zaporizhzhia, Lenina Ave., 183. Telephone/fax: 236-44-46.

Director General   tel., 236-44-50.

Bezhenar Ol’ga Petrivna, Art Director, tel., 236-44-73, 236-99-77.

Petyuk Mykola Oleksiyovych, Deputy Director of Concert Activities, tel., 236-44-85.

Box office tel., 236-44-67.