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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
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Zaporozhye State Circus

The first theatrical circus performances were held in temporary buildings (shed). The first mention of circus performances in Alexander accounted for 20 of the last century.

During WWII summer circus in Zaporizhia was destroyed. In 1948 restoration of the circus was conducted using traditional construction.

(Resolution number 25 § 38 of April 14, 1948): "In order to improve cultural services workers, Body and largest companies Zaporizhstal, officers Zaporizhstroyu, Dniprostroyu and other enterprises Lenin and Ordzhonykidzevskoho areas of the city of Zaporozhye, Executive Committee Regional Council of deputies of the Regional Committee working people and CE / b / decided:

A. To approve the initiative of workers and Lenin Ordzhonykidzevskoho districts of Zaporizhia and trade union organizations Zaporizhstroyu, 3aporozhstali and other businesses in the restoration of the circus "Shapiro" in the park Metallurgists at the metal skeleton, preserved, previously existing building circus. "

The main labor There were pupils FZO number 19, 23, which was worked over 10,000 hours of excavation and other works.

Active participation in the restoration works took the workers of enterprises "Zaporozhe." "Zaporizhalyuminbud", "Kommunar", "Dneprostroy", "Vodokanal" and others.

On the basis of the order № 303 of the Committee on the Arts at the Council of Ministers of the USSR on May 26, 1948 in Odessa was organized summer circus that was self-supporting enterprise in the proper period and was run by the Main Directorate of circuses Committee on the Arts under the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Circus was located in the city park "steel" and served only in summer time. The building was a wooden circus, summer-type with a total capacity of 1785 seats auditorium.

In December 1966 started the construction of new buildings circus for 2000 seats. April 20, 1972 started Zaporozhye stationary circus in a new building on the street. Record, 41.

April 20, 2002 Circus team celebrated the anniversary - the 30th anniversary of the founding of a stationary circus in Zaporizhia .

At the scene of Zaporozhye Circus pleased residents and area such prominent figures of circus arts, as Yuri Nikulin, Igor and Emil Kio, artists Durova, Filatov, Fragrant and many others.

The head group of Zaporizhzhya State Circus Stanislav D. Tailor, director and artistic director, was appointed in 1998. Decree of President of Ukraine dated March 26, 2004 № 371 Tailors SD awarded the honorary title: Honored Artist of Ukraine.

A wide popularization of circus arts through comprehensive advertising, highly professional work and the stage show the best examples of Circus Arts of Ukraine and foreign countries in the population of the city and region.

In Zaporozhye derzhtsyrku established jazz band led by conductor Kravets SD

During the period from 2000 to 2004, the orchestra presented its new circus music program not only zaporizhtsyam, but residents of the capital.

Circus Orchestra took part in concerts in Zaporizhia , conducted under the nationwide reports of artists and creative groups of regions of Ukraine (concert at the National Palace "Ukraine" - May 2001., Jazz concert at the National Academic Drama Theater them .. I. Frank - June 2003.), the National Palace "Ukraine" (September 2004).

Orchestra under the direction S.D.Kravtsya successfully acting for television and radio programs ("35 minutes of jazz" and others). Recording studio "B & L RESORDS" released a CD with jazz orchestra program Zaporizhzhya derzhtsyrku.

Today the circus was one of the main organizers of spectacular events, which organizes leisure both children and adults of the city and region.

During the year the circus visited by over 125,000 people. Over the past 6 years Zaporozhye Circus visited more than 700 thousand people.

Director Artistic Director of Zaporizhzhya derzhtsyrku and circus staff have numerous appreciation for the active charity of the Ukrainian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan, Zaporizhzhya City Association of Parents of Disabled Children "Hope" NGO "Chernobyl Union", Zaporozhye City Society for the protection of the disabled since childhood, Zaporozhye Diocese UPC , Zaporozhye. office of the social protection of invalids and others.

Address: Ukraine, 69000, Zaporizhia , ul. A record 41 (stop transport "store Ukraine")

Telephone: (061) 233-71-60

Casa Mode of operation: from 8-00 to 18-00, seven days a week and breaks, phone: 233-71-60