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National Park Khortytsya

National Reserve "Khortytsya" - research and recreational and educational institution that provides protection of historical, cultural and natural objects, collects, studies, preserves and promotes the interest associated with the history of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

Given the natural and archaeological uniqueness of the island and for the purpose of public protection and preservation of its integrity, in 1965 Fr. Khortytsya was proclaimed a historical and cultural reserve.

Khortytsya Island - the largest island on the Dnipro River (length 12.5 km, maximum width - up to 2.5 km). This is the only comprehensive historical, cultural and natural attractions covering the period from the Mesolithic to the XX century. Reserve "Khortytsya" listed in the State Register of Monuments of Ukraine. On its territory there are 63 archaeological and historical monuments, 33 of which are put on public record.

In order to preserve the natural state of unique monuments of the Dnipro rapids geology, such as the outputs of Precambrian crystalline rocks, rock valuable vegetation, rare and endangered plant species in areas of virgin steppe, ravine and forest floodland in 1974 in the historical and cultural reserve was established geological reserve "Rapids." In 1993, the state historical and cultural reserve was granted national status. It consists Khortytsia and adjacent islands and rocks - Baida, oak, Rostobin, three stacks, average, Gemini, tract Vyrva on the right bank of the Dnieper. Given its unique nature reserve "Khortytsya" listed in the State Register of Monuments of Ukraine as a monument of national importance. Total area of ​​2,359.34 hectares of the reserve.

Within the reserve is Zahalnoheolohichnyy Conservation Area "Rapids", which is part of the protected areas of Ukraine.

Uniqueness Khortitsa is a rare combination in one territory different natural systems - forests and meadows floodland, real and petrofit, rocky detached granite, beams, Nagorno groves, hanging swamps, lake systems. Analogues of such scale of a single ecosystem in which the prairie communities combined with pteridophytic (possibly old) and floodplain forests in Ukraine no.

The natural vegetation remained about a quarter of the territory of NZ "Khortytsya" and there are 5 types (prairie, forest, meadow, marsh, aquatic vegetation) and one complex (lithophile vegetation). The rest of the occupied artificial forest stands, orchards and crops. Among the plant communities of the island - 10 listed in the Green Book of Ukraine.

Island Khortytsya has unique natural, historical and cultural, aesthetic and recreational resources, a large number of recreational facilities and sites, very developed recreational resources, a large number of recreational facilities and facilities fairly well developed recreational facilities, which allow it to develop more than 9 types of eco-tourism: ecological excursions paths, scientific and cognitive tourism, hiking, sports, cycling, equestrian, water, underwater, climbing, orienteering and more.

Every year, Khortytsia on average almost 200 thousand visitors, including more than 100 000 - School-aged children. This suggests that Khortytsya is one of the most interesting tourist sites in Ukraine.

Today, researchers developed eight reserve excursion and tourist routes in the territory at. Khortytsya, seven of which are environmental impact: 1) hiking in the northeastern part of Fr. Khortitsa "Where consumed thresholds" and 2) thematic walking tour of the eastern part of the "power of the spirits" and 3) walking tour of the west coast of the island "For redoubts - redoubt", 4) ecological walking tour "antler" (west coast) , 5) thematic hiking historical-memorial complex "Protovche" in the southern part of Fr. Khortitsa, 6) thematic hiking historical-memorial complex "visual Tomb", 7) teplohidna tour "waves of the Dnieper-Slavuta." The existing network of tourist routes ecological orientation is based not only on natural and archeological monuments, but also includes anthropogenically altered area, which gives an opportunity to show that the negative impact that causes Khortitsa thoughtless human activity. Most excursions run in protective-rekreatsinniy zone within which conducted a brief and necessarily organized leisure and recreation in the area (or recreation area).

In NZH is all that is necessary for the development of "soft" forms of ecological tourism, in addition to the traditional resort and beach or a spa vacation. On its territory there are six recreation centers, 8 sanatoria, a youth and a children's recreation complex. For the rest of the reserve staff plan to develop a small ecological paths that pass close to recreation facilities, and further - comprehensive recreation programs for clients on Khortitsa Khortitsa these institutions.

General Plan of the National Reserve "Khortytsya" defined space to create the appropriate infrastructure berth, camping areas, space for a brief rest, the museum of nature.

To ensure broad popularization NZH, raising environmental awareness officers of the reserve will increase tours and take Hortitsu in so-called "tourist zone". Effective become seasonal excursions "Khortytskyi steppes", themed tours to explore the ravine vegetation (beams Korneyeva, Linden, Kostin), seasonal thematic trail that introduces Khortitsa sources (beams Heneralka, Hromushyna, Muzychyna).

Tours of the National Reserve "Khortytsya" have not only cultural and informative, but also ecological value.

Given the prominent role of the island Khortytsya, Zaporizhia region, historical and cultural traditions of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks in the processes of the Ukrainian state, the formation of the Ukrainian national idea, uniting people of Ukraine around the age-old national shrines, for the preservation and revitalization of the unique monuments of history, culture and nature, development and Development of the National Reserve "Khortytsya" - the spiritual center of the Ukrainian World Regional State Administration together with the executive committee of Zaporizhzhya City Council, research, design agencies and organizations, the public is making efforts to further develop a national sanctuary, its inclusion in national and international tourists.

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