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Dneproges them. VI Lenin

Zaporizhzhya Region name. VI Lenin rightly be regarded as a symbol of Zaporizhzhya and the whole era. For more than 75 years, it has the benefit of people. With construction in Zaporizhzhya powerful hydroelectric power was made possible not only unimpeded shipping Dnieper, but construction and development in southern Ukraine huge industrial complex that fundamentally influenced the development of the southern, central and eastern regions of the country.

Blame technical project dams and locks is Professor IG Alexandrov, and architectural design power VA Vesnina. Construction led OV Winter.

Preparation of building hydroelectric power stations since the early 1920s, in 1921, established the organization "Dneprostroy." The location of the dam, the proposed IG Alexandrov, was remarkably successful. It in 1926 and construction was tied Dnieper plant (complex of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy).

Officially Dnieprohes born March 8, 1927, when the construction site came out the first workers. A week later, started blasting. In May 1928, embarked on the construction of the dam, which had pidperezaty Sky concrete belt length of 766 meters in the form of an arc radius of 600 meters. In March 1932 the dam was put in the last cubic meter of concrete. Then water level in the Dnieper River rose to 37.5 meters.

A total of Dneprostroy worked more than 20 thousand people. For the first time in the construction of this magnitude people helped modern technology (mostly foreign).

Finally, May 1, 1932 Zaporizhzhya Region gave the first current. Official opening of the same Dnipro held October 10, 1932. Full power stations in the 30 years amounted to 560 thousand kW.

May 1, 1933 through trilocular Gateway was the first passenger steamer "Sof'ya Perovskoj." It was opened by comprehensive shipping Dnieper.

In 1969, construction began Dneproges - 2 and a new single-gateway, which was led by MO Dubovets. The new gateway - a unique engineering structure, it became famous domestic counterparts Panamanian gateways. Currently, the total capacity of 1538.0 MW Dnipro.

Today Dneproges, but its main task serves as a bridge between the left and right banks. All visitors can walk through the 38-meter dam on the left bank to the opposite, admiring the beautiful landscapes of the Dnipro, the islands three stacks, oak and legendary Khortytsya. From the dam perfectly visible Zaporozhian beautiful bridges: two-story arched bridge and the Transfiguration. At the same dam can be seen traces of bullets - silent witnesses of World War II. The right bank will meet a small park with a bust AV Winter, a front entrance to the hydropower and the former administration building Dneprostroy.

However, to examine Dneproges, still better from the left bank, namely from fruit. Lenin. This is a unique place. If you stand in the center square, it will appear next to the largest monument of Lenin in Ukraine (1964), the front will Dneproges them. Lenin, behind - Lenin Avenue, right - port name. Lenin, Lenin River Station, Reservoir street, where, excuse the tautology, the island of Lenin. And this despite the fact that Lenin in Zaporizhzhya never been.

Everyone can read the work of single-gateway so to speak "inside" of the board excursion boats that runs from the port to the River Station is through a gateway.

At night, thousands of lamps lit Dneproges in yellow and blue national flag.