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City of Zaporizhzhya - administrative, economic and cultural center of Zaporizhzhya region with a glorious history and promising future. Located on the main city thoroughfare vodnotransportniy Ukraine - Dnepr River. Today Zaporozhye live 789.2 thousand, or 42.8% of the total population of Zaporozhye region.

Zaporozhye rightfully be called a tourist town. These Points notion Khortytsia Electric Station, 700-year-old oak avenue named. Lenin related to Zaporizhzhya forever.

National Reserve "Khortytsya" - research and recreational and educational institution that provides protection of historical, cultural and natural objects, collects, studies, preserves and promotes the interest associated with the history of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks. Khortytsya Island - the largest island on the Dnieper River (length 12.5 km, maximum width - up to 2.5 km). This is the only comprehensive historical, cultural and natural attractions covering the period from the Mesolithic to the XX century. Reserve "Khortytsya" listed in the State Register of Monuments of Ukraine. On its territory there are 63 archaeological and historical monuments, 33 of which are put on public record.

The city of Zaporozhye is situated at the crossroads of all types of transportation modes: rail, road, water, air. Because of the passenger transport Zaporozhye includes waterways, road and electric vehicles. It allows tourists easy and fast to move the city into the vast majority of cognitive objects are roads with asphalt coating.

Uniqueness Khortitsa is a rare combination in one territory different natural systems - forests and meadows floodland, real and petrofit, rocky detached granite, beams, Nagorno groves, hanging swamps, lake systems. Analogues of such scale of a single ecosystem in Ukraine no.

Great Zaporizhzhya

Great Zaporizhzhya - is an architectural complex that grew on the banks of the Dnieper in the 30s of the twentieth century. Once in 1920 it was decided to build in Zaporizhzhya Dneproges with a complex of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, the city expected population boom. In 1929, lack of housing has become catastrophic. During 1930 - 1931, the number of population of 92 thousand people rose to 200 thousand

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National Reserve "Khortytsya"

National Reserve "Khortytsya" - research and recreational and educational institution that provides protection of historical, cultural and natural objects, collects, studies, preserves and promotes the interest associated with the history of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

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Old Alexandrovsk

The emergence of Alexander (of 1921 Zaporizhzhya) associated with the construction in 70 years of the XVIII century. Dneprovskoy line of fortifications. Construction Oleksandrivska fortress was started August 26, 1770. The settlement, which came along with the fortress, gave rise to the future city.

In 1785 Alexander Fortress and suburb turned into offices, and in 1806 received the status Alexandrovsk county town.

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Dneproges them. VI Lenin

Zaporizhzhya Region name. VI Lenin rightly be regarded as a symbol of Zaporizhzhya and the whole era. For more than 75 years, it has the benefit of people. With construction in Zaporizhzhya powerful hydroelectric power was made possible not only unimpeded shipping Dnieper, but construction and development in southern Ukraine huge industrial complex that fundamentally influenced the development of the southern, central and eastern regions of the country.

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Zaporizhzhya Regional Museum

Zaporizhzhya Regional Museum was founded in 1921 became the first Director of JP Novitsky. After the death of its founder museum gradually decline, moving from place to place.

In 1930 there was a museum of history Dneprostroy, which in 1939 received the status of the regional local lore. During the war museum exhibits severely affected. In pre-war collection survived only two guns of the XVIII century.

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700-year-old oak Zaporozhian

By the way, the Cossacks of his legendary Letter to Turkish Sultan wrote under the same oak. During its "heyday" diameter green crown Zaporozhye oak was 63 feet, circumference barrel - 6 meters 32 centimeters, the height of the tree - 36 meters. They say that Hitler wanted to take him to Germany as a symbol of his power. Zaporizhia oak has always been one of the main attractions of the Cossacks.

Given the importance of 700-year-old Cossack oak as natural monuments in the context of historical and cultural development of Ukraine initiated by regional state administration 24 August 2001, the 10th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, opened the historical and cultural center "700-year-old Zaporozhian oak. " Read more

Central Park of Culture and Rest, "Oak Grove"

Zaporozhye, October area, stop public transport "Freedom Square", Tel. (0612) 64-28-52

Central park Zaporozhye is located at the October area down (to the Dnieper River) from Maidan Us (monument F.E.Dzerzhinskomu). From the waterfront highway stretching to the River Station, "Oak Grove". The name of the park, "Oak Grove" was on many oaks that in the XVIII century held vast territory that stretched to the Great Meadows. Today the total area of ​​the park - 57 acres. Among the park - river channel through which in several places thrown bridges. Along the tracks installed benches, playgrounds, amusement park, a fountain, several areas for concerts, tennis courts.

Attractions: "Traffic light", "Children's Carousel," "Funny Friend", "Carnival," "boats," "Bell," "Young", "Merry Mount," "Surprise," "Northern Lights", "Waltz" "Ferris wheel", "Clown," "autodrome," "Whirlwind", "Sun"

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Zaporozhye children's Botanical Garden

69068, Zaporozhye, ul. Magic, 11
tel. (061) 769-05-26 (reception), tel. / Fax (0612) 65-32-52
E-mail: ,

Zaporizhia city children only botanical garden in Ukraine and CIS. It is a state, the budget, non-profit non-school institution that is subject to the City Department of Education and Science of Zaporizhzhya City Council. Since 1971, the Botanical Garden announced a park-monument of landscape architecture and is part of the protected areas of Ukraine, is protected as national heritage of the world system of natural resources. In 1992 Zaporizhzhya city children's Botanical Garden joined the Association of Botanical Gardens of Ukraine. Read more

Areas and objects protected areas

Geological reserve "Rapids." Dnieper rapids called the outputs of granites, gneisses mihmatytiv and other crystalline rocks of the Ukrainian Shield in the Wake of the main waterway of the country [01] located between the cities of Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye. Crystalline rocks of the shield formed in archaea and Proterozoic (2.3 billion years ago), and in the way of the Dnieper River are only about 2 million years ago, when the territory of modern Ukraine was formed river network. Later Dnieper water coped with a powerful obstacle to the Black Sea, leaving the vast memory of tens of thousands of square kilometers of alluvial plain that occupies the left bank of the modern Middle Nadnipryanschyny. On the Dnipro rapids - one of the obstacles on the famous route "from Varangians to Greeks", the oldest known historical records. The first mention of them is in the works of Greek writers (early AD), dedicated to the description of one of the Argonauts campaigns. Relatively detailed thresholds and staroruski and Scandinavian names in its long chronicle the work (946-953 years) gave Constantine Porphyrogenitus. He nalichyv only 7 of 9 thresholds, which are traditionally allocated to the Middle Ages. The fact that the Dnipro rapids were well known in Kievan Rus', confirming the quote from the famous "Lay" (1187): "Oh, Dnieper slovutytsyu! Ty probylъ esy horы Stone."

Park "Walk of Fame". Park is located in the city center. Stop of public transport "Shevchenko Boulevard"

Park University. Shevchenko

Park Street Kremlin

Energy Park

Park railway station Zaporizhzhya -2

Cultural and artistic Zaporozhye

Zaporizhzhya Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre. V. Magara
Lenin Avenue, 41 (061) 764-40-72, 764-38-17
Zaporizhzhya Regional Theatre of Young Spectator
st. 40 years of Soviet Ukraine, 55 (061) 236-16-71, 236-16-72, 236-16-70
Zaporizhia Oblast Puppet Theater
street. Gogol, 60 (061) 764-27-67, 764-18-06
Zaporizhia Oblast Philharmonic
Lenin Avenue, 183 236-44-46
Zaporizhzhya Regional Museum
street.Chekistov, 29 (061) 764-39-12, 764-34-76
Zaporizhzhya Regional Art Museum
street. 40 years of Soviet Ukraine, 76 (061) 233-40-63
Zaporizhia Oblast Research Library. Gorky
Lenin Avenue, 142 (061) 787-53-54
Zaporizhzhya Regional Library for Young People
Lenin Avenue, 210 (0612) 32-59-51
Zaporizhia Oblast Library for Children "Young reader"
street. Lobanovsky, 14 (061) 236-85-62
Zaporizhia city central library. Krupskaya
street. Gogol, 66 (061) 764-21-48
Zaporizhia city central library for the children named. Androsov
street. Dzerzhinsky, 51 (061) 764-38-81
Zaporozhye State Circus
street. Recordnaya, 41 (061) 233-71-60
Cinema them. Dovzhenko Lenin Avenue, 145 (061) 220-93-96, 233-35-28
Cinema "Baida" Lenin Avenue, 162 (061) 220-95-00
Cinema them. Mayakovsky Lenin Avenue, 167 (061) 270-03-89, 220-95-00
Cinema "Star" Lenin Avenue, 91 (0612) 62-10-51
Museum of Weapons Lenin Avenue, 189 (061) 213-20-00
Theatre "Zaporozhian Savior" Village. Upper Khortytsya (061) 222-67-65, cell. (066) 176-81-99
Equestrian Theatre "Zaporozhian Cossacks" Khortytsya (061) 701-24-81, 213-32-85
Recreation Center "Lend-Shaki" street.Charivnaya, 115 tel.: (061) 213-92-69, 213-21-78

Historical and cultural sights of Zaporizhzhya

Common grave of participants in the struggle for Soviet power
Common grave fighter battalion
Tomb last ataman J. M. Gladkyy
Monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators
Memorable place forcing the Dnipro
Common grave of Soviet soldiers
Common grave of victims of fascism
Monument underground group "Revcom"
Zaporizhzhya Region Dneproges them. Lenin
Monument Cheka paratroopers
Common grave of victims of fascism
Monument to victims of Holodomor 1933.
Common grave of victims of fascism
The monument to Apostle Andrew Pervozvanny
Alley of Glory
Monument to Prince Svyatoslav
Monument to Alexander Pushkin
Monument to Taras Shevchenko
The monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky
Monument D. Vyshnevetsky
Monument to M. Glinka

History and architecture

People's House
House Mechanics and Technical College (ZNTU) in 1900
Concert hall named. Glinka, 1957
Zemstvo House (Museum), 1915
City estate MI Rehyrera, beg. XX century.
Home of the first thermal power station, 1910
Railway station station "Alexandrovsk" Catherine railway
Finance House Y. I. Leszczynski, 1909.
City estate YI Badovskoho
Houses of female and male high schools (Students), beg. XX century.

Objects of spiritual tourism

Holy Church Anatoliyivska
Boris temple
St. Nicholas Church
Holy Protection Church
St. Andrew's Cathedral
Holy Protection Cathedral
Holy Assumption Church
Church of the Transfiguration
Sretenskaya church
St. Nicholas Church
Church of St. Nicholas
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
Church of God the Father Merciful
Church of St. Paul

Traditional celebrations and festivals

Ukrainian theater festival "Danapris"
The exhibition of arts and crafts "Zaporizhzhya charms"
Ukrainian festival of folk art "Zaporizhzhya Sich"
International Festival of Cossack martial art and folk art "Savior" (Fall)
City Day, "Pokrovsky Fair" (Oct. 14)
All-plein-competition "Khortytsya through the ages' (autumn)
International festival-competition of children and youth performing arts "Chords Khortitsa" (spring)
Outdoor Theatre Festival "Golden Khortytsya" (Summer)
Film Festival national cinema "Zaporozhye sinerama" (Fall)
International Jazz Festival "Zaporizhia jam" (Fall)
Ukrainian festival of rock music "Za-threshold" (Fall)
The regional festival of youth pop art "Shooting Stars" (Fall)

Health care institutions

Health care institutions Zaporozhye

Transport links

Railway station "Zaporizhzhya -1"
Railway station "Zaporizhzhya -2"
Bus number 1
Bus number 2
Bus number 3
The River Station
River port