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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Zaporozhye district

Zaporozhye district is located in the north. This suburban area, without the district center, disconnected into two parts on the Dnipro River and the city of Zaporozhye.

There 1.5 thousand square meters. miles in 70 settlements living 56.0 thousand people. On the right bank of the Dnieper area borders the Dnipropetrovsk region, and on the left - with Volnyansk, Orikhiv and Basil areas of Zaporozhye district. Dnepr, one of the largest European rivers, crosses the area from north to south and has tributaries - River competition. In the south area is washed Kakhovka reservoir.

Zaporozhye district is rich in historical and archaeological sites. Historical monuments show that the village Balabyne, Kushuhum, Malokaterynivka, villages Lukasheve, Grigorovka were founded in the XVIII century Cossack Sich or place them winterers. After the defeat Sich land owned by the Cossacks, Catherine II gave to your family, nobles and favorites. Yes, Grigory Potemkin in 1781 gave 140 thousand acres of land. About two rivers that flow into the Dnieper, there are two villages named in honor of Catherine and Gregory - and Liubymivka Novohryhorivka (modern day center of Zaporizhzhya region).

Zaporozhye district offers tourists a view of culture and life of Mennonites.

Favorable temperate continental climate and geographical position allows the district to develop health tourism. Recreation on the banks of the Dnieper River in the villages Lysohirka, Rozumivka, Kanevsky, and children's health and sports camps allow adults and children undergo treatment and rehabilitation during the season. District provided transportation to the cognitive and medical facilities made trails republic (state) values.

Areas and objects protected areas

A. Botanical reserve "Beam Grape"
2. The landscape reserve "Beam vipers"
3. Volodymyrivska landscape reserve
4. The landscape reserve "Beam Malyshevska"
5. The landscape reserve "Beam farmhouse"
6. The landscape reserve "Upper beams Kantserivska"
7. The landscape reserve "Beam Ruchayivska" p. Ruchayivka st. Shushenskoye, d. 65, 69089, phone 223-62-10
8. Tomakivs'ka landscape reserve
9. Botanical reserve "virgin land"
10. Botanical reserve "Beam Kantserivska"
11. Botanical reserve "Beam Pushynska" s.Bilenke st. Lenin's house. 4-in, 70444, phone 287-32-71
12. Botanical reserve "Beam Wolf"
13. Botanical reserve "Nightingale Grove" Nyzhnij Khortytsya street. Lenin's house. 26, 70424, phone 223-23-31
14. Botanical reserve "virgin beam"
15. The landscape reserve "Soil afforestation"
16. Botanical reserve "Island Tavolzhanskyy"
17. Botanical reserve "Beam Truschevska"
18. Entomological reserve "tract" deer "
19. Entomological reserve "virgin beam"
20. National Park "Great Meadow"
21. Old trees with berries mixed forest area, 400 years
22. Old trees hawthorn, 300 years
Савур Могила 23. "Saur-grave" s.Hryhorivka st. Lenin's house. 44, 70452, phone 223-17-45
24. Virgin area beams "Kantserivska"
25. Beam "Krylivka"
26. Group age oaks
27. Beam "Lukasheva"
28. "Bald Mountain" s.Veselyanka st. Lenin's house. 44, 70452, phone 223-17-45
29. Tract "Pristine" (master's Lake) s.Hryhorivka st. Lenin's house. 44, 70452, phone 223-17-45
30. Old trees with berries mixed forest area
31. Dnipro bay

Institutions of Culture and Arts

Zaporizhia District House of Culture. 69089, Zaporozhye, ul. Istomin, d. 7
Kanevsky rural Historical Museum. 70443, p. Kanevsky, st. Central, d. 4, etc. 287-56-81
Rozumivskyy rural Historical Museum. 70424, p. Rozumivka st. Lenin's house. 26, etc. 223-23-31

Historical and cultural attractions

Monument-motorists. Balabyne village, st. Uritskogo house. 2, etc. 223-32-37
Common grave of Soviet soldiers
A. Augustinian Village Council: Avhustynivka, it is gratifying (str Komsomolskaya house. 52, etc. 223-11-43)
2. Bilenkivska Village Council: White, Chervonodniprovka (str Lenin house. 4-in, phone 287-32-71)
3. Grigoryevskaya Village Council: Grigorovka, Veselyanka, Zaporozhets (str Lenin house., 44, etc. 223-17-45)
4. Veselivska Village Council: Fun (Central Street, Building 48., Etc. 287-59-33)
5. Dolynska Village Council: Dolynske, new community (Central Street, d. 37, etc. 287-54-38)
6. Lukashivska Village Council: Lukasheve (str Lenin house. 9, etc. 223-77-14)
7. Lysohirska Village Council: Lysohirka, Kaniv (Central Street, d. 4, etc. 287-56-81)
8. Mar'yivska Village Council: Mar'yivka, Smolyan, Novoserhiyivka (str Lenin house. 36, etc. 287-51-23)
9. Nicholas Pilska village council: Nicholas Field, Novopetrivka
10. Natalivska Village Council: Natalivka, Lezhyne, Ivanna-Hannivka, Novostepnyanske, Cherepivske (vul.Tsentralna, phone 287-44-25)
11. Novooleksandrivska Village Council: Novoaleksandrovka, Novoolenivka, Yulyivka (str Lenin house. 60, t.287-41-48)
12. Rozumivska Village Council: Rozumivka, Lower Khortytsya (str street, building 26., Phone 223-23-31)
13. Solar Village Council: Ruchayivka (str Shushenskoye, d. 65, etc. 223-62-10)
14. Stepnenska Village Council: Steppenwolf, Shevchenko (Near St., d. 50, etc. 287-85-45)
15. Shyrokivske Village Council: Broad (Street Sovetskaya, house. 1, etc. 223-14-25)
16. Balabynska village council (str Uritskogo house. 2, etc. 223-32-37)
17. Kushuhum village council (str Telman, d. 23, etc. 223-43-22)
18. Malokaterynivka village council (Kalinin Street, b. 24, t.287-51-17)

History and architecture

Complex structures Myklashevskys s.Bilenke estate, st. Lenin's house. 4-in, phone 287-32-71
Complex structures settlements of colonists-Mennonite

Villas rural (green) tourism etnosadyby

House of rural tourism, p. Broad Street. Soviet, b. 1, etc. 223-14-25
"Panska house," p. Rozumivka st. Lenin, b. 26, 70424, phone 223-23-31
Etnopodvir'ya Mennonites, p. Ruchayivka st. Shushenskoye, d. 65, 69089, phone 223-62-10

Health care institutions

Zaporozhye region


Department of Culture and Tourism of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration

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