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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Vіlnyansky district

Total population Vіlnyansky district - 49.0 thousand people. The area occupies the northern part of our region a total area of ​​1.29 sq.. miles. The center of Volnyansk located 20 km from the regional center - the city of Zaporozhye.

Its territory flowing river Vilnyanka from which the name of the area wet Moskovka and western boundary of the district runs along the river Dnepr.

Volnyansk land rich in memorials and historic sites. Monuments of ancient times, during the Great Patriotic War, today attract attention due to their importance, greatness, play an important role in patriotic education. With its numerous historic and cultural facilities district has a network of museums. The era of WWII presented numerous monuments (48 memorials and obelisks), located in the district:

The vast majority of environmental objects - a botanical, entomological and landscapes, zoological reserves, natural monuments comprehensive local and national significance.

To all tourist facilities district are roads with asphalt coating. It offers tourists and cafe cuisine.

Areas and objects protected areas

A. Botanical reserve "Beam Ulyanivka"

2. Botanical reserve "Beam Chapaivka"

3. Lubentsivskyy zoological reserve

4. Botanical reserve "Beam Voznesenivka"

5. Botanical reserve "Beam Cossack"

6. Botanical reserve "Beam Kaschenova"

7. Botanical reserve "virgin beam Osier"

8. Botanical reserve "Beam Tysyna"

9. Botanical reserve "tract Vyntsevskyy Garden"

10. Botanical reserve "virgin land Graves'

11. Botanical reserve "Beam Hodynova"

12. The landscape reserve "forest along the left bank of the Dnieper"

13. Entomological reserve "virgin area number 1"

14. Entomological reserve "virgin land"

15. Entomological reserve "virgin plot number 3 '

16. Entomological reserve "virgin area number 2"

17. Kaschenkivski rate

18. Petrovskiy former forest estate Neufeld

19. Beam "Hubynska"

20. Beam "Krinichnaya"

21. Alley chestnuts age of the forest area

22. Beam "Tavolzhanska"

23. "Kruglik"

24. Beam "Rossohovata"

25. Beam "Balchanska"

Institutions of Culture and Arts

A. Novohupalivskyy rural country Historical Museum

2. Moscow rural country Historic

3. Ternovskii rural country museum of military glory

4. Peter-Michael's Historical Museum (school)

5. Pryvilnenskyy rural country Historic

6. Michael-Lukashivskyy rural country of Fame Museum Komsomol

7. Dniprovskyi Memorial Museum I. Patorzhinskogo

8. Michael rural country Historic

9. Volnyansk District Museum

10. Museum Education Volnyansk District

Historical and cultural attractions

A. Monument tanker 25 Tank Corps

2. Memorial and Monument to Hero of the Soviet Union VY Hnarovskiy

3. Common grave of soldiers Chop

4. Common grave of Soviet soldiers and victims of fascism (the territory of the former garden Aronov)

5. Memorial to place the command post of the 8th Guards Army

6. Monument in honor of Hero of the Soviet Union Y. Bocharov

7. Memorial in honor of Soviet soldiers

History and architecture

A. Plant. Shevchenko (building plant Klassen and Neufeld) 1886

Villas rural (green) tourism etnosadyby

A. Manor Green Tourism, p. Chervonokozache

Traditional celebrations and festivals

A. City Day (22 September)

2. Christmas meeting (Jan. 5)

3. Andrew evenings (December 13)

4. Maslenitsa Festival - seeing winter (last week of February)