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Veselovsky district

Veselovsky district occupies the south-western territory of Zaporozhye region an area of ​​1.1 thousand square meters. miles. Borders of Melitopol, Michael, Yakymivskym, Basil and Velykobilozerskym areas. Distance from regional center 135 km.

County formed a settlement and 29 villages, where today live 25.5 thousand people. Administratively it is divided by 13 councils, including 12 villages, a village council. The administrative center - the village Cheerful, since 1957 - small town, situated at 110 km from the regional center.

In the present boundaries Veselivskyy district exists since 1965.

Near the roots are large and small Utlyukiv. Both rivers flow into the deep estuary of the Azov Sea. Small areas are swamps.

The district registered 82 archaeological sites - mounds. Go to the historical monuments are members of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars.

The main highlight of the property and the area is its endless steppe spaces. Steppe areas that have historically accounted for 40% of Ukraine, now almost completely destroyed. Therefore steppes represent great scientific and practical interest, making a promising area for ecological restoration.

The area has rail and road links.

Areas and objects protected areas

A. Forest "Elizavetovskogo forest"

2. The landscape reserve "Pinery Kulish"

3. Botanical reserve 'forest in the former, the big catch Utlyuk "

4. Botanical reserve "Standing timber Yakovenko"

5. Entomological reserve "tract Sudarma"

6. Entomological reserve "virgin Chernomorchenka"

7. Entomological reserve "virgin land in the desert"

8. The landscape reserve "Izvestinskyy rates»

Institutions of Culture and Arts

A. Veselivskyy District House of Culture

2. Veselivska children's music school

3. Veselivska District Library

4. Veselivskyy District Local History Museum