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Vasilevsky historical and architectural museum-reserve "Popov Castle"

Museum-reserve "Popov Castle" occupies the building once known in Europe, palace and park complex estate-General Vasily Stepanovich Popov built in 1894 by local master builders and serfs of Poltava and Chernihiv. Draft written Finnish (Swedish) Styunklem architect. It is stated that the author of the palace complex and many of its elements is a world-famous Russian architect Nikolai Benois. The combination of architectural genius and skill of the musician has created a true marvel of urban development, unique high walls of brick laying, according to experts, has neither in Ukraine nor in the CIS in general and in Europe.

Wealth had become an alternative to Vorontsov Palace in Alupka. The convenient location of the complex on the border of Great Meadows and Wild Field made it a favorite place to hunt high rank, statesmen, ministers and even members of the royal family. Among the guests was the estate and the Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich - brother of Tsar Alexander II.

The choice of style of architecture of the complex was greatly influenced Georgian culture and national temperament Georgian estate owner.

The main building complex was a two-storey palace with five towers, designed in Moorish style, common in the nineteenth century. Like other buildings of the ensemble, it was built of red and yellow bricks of local manufacture. The dominant feature of the palace was the high round tower with koronopodibnym parapet. To have preserved only that part of the palace.

Front entrances to the estate were organized through the gates of the east and north wings, between which was laid park. Both wings are built mirror and differ only in the form of angular towers. Now at the north wing a museum "House Popov." It has five exhibition halls: ethnographic hall, a hall dedicated to the events of World War II, an exhibition of local artists and Hall Castle Popov, which presents photographs and documents family Popov, model-reconstruction of the house, some items from his room and much more.

West wing (the so-called "English Castle"), its architecture resembles medieval feudal castle. This is one of the most beautiful buildings of the ensemble.

Along with the western wing is an observation tower. Its unique feature is the brick. From the balconies of the tower opened breathtaking views of the vast forests of the Great Meadows. No worse landscape opened and from the observation deck, decorated slabs of white and black marble that resembled a giant chessboard.

Between the palace and stables situated coach yard. The building differs from other simple and restrained architectural forms.

Stables themselves played the role of the fortress walls. Architecture arena, civic virtue and inaccessibility at the same time is elegant and majestic. It somewhat resembles the architecture of the Moscow Kremlin.

Museum-reserve "Popov Castle" determined cheno ¬ monument of national importance.

Since 2007, the reconstruction the palace complex. Soon, visitors can see it in the new form.

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