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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Vasilevsky district

In the northwest region is Vasilevsky district, which covers an area of ​​1.6 thousand square meters. miles. The region flow of the river dry, United Belozerka, Chokrak, Yanchekrak, Karachekrak, Burchak. The area is rich in forests and rates, and in addition it is 1/7 site Kakhovka reservoir. The population of the area is 69.5 thousand people who live in villages, two cities and Vasylivka Dniprorudne and urban Stepnohirsku.

Travel - lovers of history and archeology there are many interesting things. The District hosts many Scythian burial mounds. In 1967 - 1970, one of them has been excavated and found much gold and silver vessels (Gaymanova tomb).

By all historical and cognitive objects are roads with asphalt (highway Kharkiv-Simferopol) and railways.

Areas and objects protected areas

A. Ornithological reserve "Big and Small Kuchugury"

2. Landscape Park "Panay"

3. Stepnohirskyy botanical reserve

4. The landscape reserve "forest on Bald Mountain"

5. Herpetolohichnyy reserve

6. Botanical reserve "virgin land"

7. Botanical reserve "virgin land"

8. Botanical reserve "virgin land"

9. Botanical reserve "Beam Tupik"

10. Botanical reserve "virgin land"

11. Botanical reserve "Plot" Clear "

12. Botanical reserve "slope beams"

13. The landscape reserve "slopes Kakhovka reservoir"

14. "Virgin land"

15. Source Andrew

16. The bottom of the Pontic Sea

17. Park "Friendship"

18. Ravine-steppe shore Kakhovka reservoir (the National Reserve "Big Lug" park "Lord")

19. Skelyanski galleries

Institutions of Culture and Arts

1. Balkivska St. rural local historical and ethnographic museum

2. Malobilozerska aesthetic Regional High School "Wonderful World" Zaporizhzhya Regional Council

3. Cultural and entertainment center zoo corner

4.Vasilevsky historical and architectural museum-reserve "Popov Castle"

5. Dniprorudnenskyy Museum

Historical and cultural attractions

  Monument labor Fame

History and architecture

1. The remains of St. Peter and Paul Vasilevsky temple (the foundations of the basement), a family crypt with tombs Popov

2. Windmill, 1903

3. Mechanical mill and Paul. Nineteenth century. and estate Miroshnik, 1846

4. House Zemstvo school in 1890

5. House zemstvo hospital, 1890

6. House Postal telegraph office, in 1875

7. The complex of buildings house the landlord, the end of XVIII century.

8. The complex of buildings house the landlord Popov, 1884 - 1894 рр.

Objects of spiritual tourism

  Church of St. Nicholas (1806)

Health care institutions

  Dniprorudnenskyy sanatorium Zaporizhzhya iron ore

Transport links

1. Railway station

2. Bus