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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
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Tokmak district

Tokmak district located in the center of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, 92 km from the regional center. Total area - 1.4 thousand square meters. miles. The population in the area - 26.2 thousand people living in 56 settlements. Municipalities are subject Molochansk urban and 12 rural councils. Boundaries of the district in the south face of Melitopol and Priazovskiy the west - with Basil, on the north - Orikhiv the east - with Pology and Chernihiv regions.

There Tokmak District Milk river and its tributaries and Yushanly Chunhul and river Tokmak, Kuroshany and Kurkulak. In 1974 he built Kaykulatske reservoir near s.Trudove which merge into a single channel of the river and Tokmak Kaykulak. In villages Novohorivka, Skelyuvate, Ocheretuvate, drummer are bid.

Tokmachchyna famous for its historical and cultural monuments, which are established mainly on the mass graves of soldiers-liberators area from Nazi invaders. In the province preserved mounds and burial graves. Most of them near rivers Kurkulak, Chunhul and Tokmak, the most famous among them mound equine Brod - wonderful structure of the Bronze Age. It was at this place ran the legendary Murawski way - one of the most important strategic and trading routes XVI - XIX centuries. And it was here in 1103 by Prince Vladimir Monomakh defeated Polovtsian army. And in 1999, found burial of fossil animals aged 3 million years (southern elephants, deer, horse).

Tokmak area offers tourists a view of culture and life of Mennonites living in the province in the XIX - early XX centuries.

To all tourist facilities district are roads with asphalt coating. It offers tourists and cafe cuisine.

Areas and objects protected areas

A. Entomological reserve "virgin land along the beams'

2. The landscape reserve "protective forest plantations on undulating terrain"

3. The landscape reserve "Soil afforestation"

4. The landscape reserve "Beam Nayver"

5. Botanical reserve "virgin land"

6. Botanical reserve "virgin beam"

7. Botanical reserve "Far in the Forest of thin undergrowth ensures mostly hawthorn"

8. Botanical reserve "virgin land"

9. Entomological reserve "Uzlissya in jails beams"

10. Botanical reserve "Beam Chystopilska"

11. Entomological reserve "Beam cape"

12. Entomological reserve "woody beam"

13. Entomological reserve ", the floodplain Chunhul"

14. Botanical reserve "Beam Myrnivska"

15. Botanical reserve "flat beam"

16. Botanical reserve "virgin wood beam with a plot"

17. Lugovskiy sand quarry

18. South slope catch, the milk

19. Age oak

20. Oak 150-year

21. Group age oaks

22. Catch river Chunhul

Institutions of Culture and Arts

A. Molochansk Mennonite Centre

2. Molochansk Children's Art School

3. Tokmak Central District Library

4. Ostryakivskyy museum on the history of the village Ostryakivka

5. Apartment-Museum Lieutenant General MA Antipenko

Historical and cultural and archaeological sites

A. Memorial on the site of the Battle of Prince V. Monomakh, p. The October

2. War Memorial, s.Chapayevka

3. Burial graves, p. Chapaevka

4. Burial graves, p. Novohorivka

5. Barrow, p. Chervonohirka

6. Mound "Makartet," p. The October

History and architecture

A. Windmill, 1888

2. Mill Williams late. XIX - beg. XX century.

3. Home early. XX century. Which housed Revolutionary Committee 1917 - 1918 р.

4. The building is cast iron plant and plant Franz Schroeder, beg. XX century.

Traditional celebrations and festivals

A. Festival "Silver Kupalo dew" (July)

2. Theatrical festival "Legend gray desert" (June)

3. Village Day (October)

4. Festival of folk customs and rituals "Preserving identity" (October)