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City Tokmak is central in the temperate latitudes of the steppe zone of Zaporizhzhya region, at a distance of 84 km southeast of the regional center. The city of regional subordination, center of the same district. City Council is subject to city Molochansk.

Geographic area of ​​Ukraine, which lies Tokmak city - Tavria steppes. The area of ​​the city is 3,246 hectares. The population - 34.5 thousand people.

In the southwest area of ​​Milk river, which belongs to the basin of the northern coast of the Azov Sea.

City Tokmak located at the intersection of roads of national importance: Kamenka-Dnieper-Vasylivka-Tokmak-Berdyansk, and regional significance: Novonikolaevka - nuts - Tokmak - Melitopol and Gulyaypole - Births - Tokmak - Melitopol.

The city is the railway station Great Tokmak Dnieper railway, which is located on the railway in Luhansk Tokmak-Simferopol, Simferopol.

Institutions of Culture and Arts

1. Tokmak city museum

2. Tokmak City Children's Music School

3. Tokmak City House of Culture

Historical and cultural attractions

1. Monument Kirov SM (in dyzelebudivnoho plant)

2. Mass graves

3. Monument to Komsomol

4. Monument to Soviet tankystam

5. Monument in honor of the 100th anniversary dyzelebudivnoho plant

6. Monument in honor of founding Velykotokmatskoyi MTS

7. Monument IK Schavi, Commissioner guerrilla group

8. The monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky

History and architecture

1. House Plant management dyzelebudivnoho plant them. Kirov, 1908

2. House, where organized Velykotokmatska Council Workers, Peasants and Soldiers' Deputies, beg. Twentieth century.

Traditional celebrations and festivals

  Festival "Play, accordion, rings, rhyme" (February)

Transport links

1. The Railway Station

2. Bus


Department of Culture Tokmak City Council:

Krutko Vladimir

71700, Tokmak st. Revolutionary, 10, tel. (278) 2-13-50 2-10-65 (f)