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Rozovsky district

Rozovsky district - the youngest of all areas of Zaporozhye region (formed in 1992) is located on its east and occupies 610 square meters. km area. Population - 10,800 people.

Feature Rozivskoho area is that a multinational area. Of the total population (10.8 million), in addition to Ukrainian, people live here another 16 nationalities. Near the village is densely populated with Greeks (p. Novomlynivka).

This area has always remembered the events. At today's Rozivky on the river Kalka (now Kalchyk) in 1223 there was a battle of Russo-Polovtsian army of Mongol horde.

Reserve "stone graves" of national importance - the pride of the area. Unique granite rock this country have no analogues in the world in chemical composition and physical structure. On the eastern border poured huge lake (20 ha) to a depth of 6 - 7 pm Mountain: Frog, Acute (217 m above sea level), Panorama, Face, Knight.

The district lies highway Kiev-Mariupol and Donetsk railway.

Areas and objects protected areas

A. Nature reserve "stone graves"

This mountainous country in miniature. It invigorates and charges yet healing energy. Charming incredible flavors and virginity steppe grasses ...

Reserve "Stone Tomb" was founded April 5, 1927 as a special protected area. Its area is about 400 hectares. Included in the Ukrainian Steppe Nature Reserve, slave of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. County Tracts "Stone Tomb" in geological, biological, artistic, emotional and historical aspects is both unique and representative.

The geological uniqueness of the object. The area and height is the largest intrusion in the Donets Basin and Azov Sea. Its unique granites are unique in the world. Their age of about 2 billion years. Strand of the mountains represented Western and Eastern ridge with heights of individual peaks to 100 meters (last reached their height of 3 km.). Geotectonic studies show a remarkable power of the geological features of the tract.

The biological uniqueness of the object. Of the nearly five hundred species of plants Reserve yarrow naked and cornflower nespravzhnoblidoluskova is narrowly utmost areal relict endemic, except that the reserve is not met anywhere else. A fern-vudsiya alpine, but the reserve is not found nearer than 1000 km away.

Varied and interesting wildlife reserve. Here live foxes, hares, hedgehogs, and other mole-rat., Many lizards and rodents, there are steppe viper, water and ordinary snakes. In the reserve live about 3000 species of insects.

The rich avifauna of the reserve. The most common: larks, meadow expectations, heaters, gray partridges and pheasants.

Historical and archaeological uniqueness of the object. Today it is known that in ancient times this tract was a cult for members yamnyh, catacomb and carcass culture. The entire perimeter of the tract surrounds a wreath at the burial mounds of ancient civilizations.

According to one version, during the Battle of Kalka River, just near the "Stone Graves" was situated the fortified camp of the Grand Prince Mstislav Romanovich.

According YA.P Nowicki: "To tsyhъ mohыlъ was often zavertav arhыrey Havrыylъ vъ trыdtsyatыhъ hodahъ. Bylya mohylъ say was kolыs tatrskыy horodъ and Cossacks zruynuvalы. Pit and buhrы where bulы tatrsky mosque and teperъ know. "

Artistic and emotional uniqueness of the object. Tract "Tomb of Stone" - a mountainous country in miniature. It contrasts strikingly with the surrounding steppes for its majestic monumental. You can see a whole bunch of natural sculptures and works of stone, which are perceived as fantasy artists. There are small caves. Picturesque valleys and a number of fabulous landscapes.

Here in the sources, found most tasty water in Azov. This area is invigorating and healing energy charges yet. Charming incredible flavors and virginity steppe grasses.

On the reserve there are several very interesting legends. One of them says that once in place of the "hill country" was located in a big city with his kingdom. But in some circumstances, an evil sorcerer fascinated him. There is a way as to disappoint the city, but still none of the people and could not do it.

2. Botanical reserve "Beam Dry Yaly"

3. Beam "Antonivka"

Institutions of Culture and Arts

A. Rozivskyy regional center of culture and leisure

Village. Rozivka st. Lenina 92, tel. 0 (6162) 97-1-27

Tourist destination located in the center of town. Rozivka the road Mariupol, Zaporozhye. House of Culture adjoining the district center and employment stadium, on the other - a hair salon, Alley of Glory.

Opposite House of Culture located facilities: cafe-bar "Olga", parking, central market (250 m), bus station (250 m) and others. objects.

House of Culture was built using traditional construction in 1935-1937, respectively. With 450 seats. Two-storey building. The project is designed Zaporozhye architects and provided also the summer version, which building was to continue into the depths of the park. The very high point of the building was to be used under radiorubku. Work House of Culture began before the war. Autumn of 1943 was burned by the Nazis. Rebuilding and restoration facility began already in the postwar period in 1956. In the reconstruction work Komsomol district and local residents. Each Komsomolets was obliged to work Sunday to rebuild. Has finished rebuilding in 1959. By the time of full restoration

House of Culture worked in the room of the museum, located on the 2nd floor. In 1966 was repaired structures.

Currently in the House of culture are communal establishments Rozivskoyi District Council - "Rozivskyy regional center of culture and leisure," "Rozivska central district library." In 2009, the decision Rozivskoyi District Council created "Rozivskyy District Museum," which will work on the 2nd floor of BC.

During the year at the BC hosts a variety of cultural and art events: District Children Festival "Primrose" regional festival of "net source" measures subject to state and anniversary dates, calendar holidays, the rite of marriage, and others. measures.

2. Rozivska District Children's Music School

Historical and cultural attractions

Common grave of Soviet soldiers

Tourist destination located in the center of the Hall of Fame in town. Rozivka, both sides of the road Mariupol, Zaporozhye. Property is bordered on one side of the House of Culture, on the other - Temple University. Nevsky.

Near the object is a hair salon, cafe-bar "Olga", the regional center of employment, parking and others. objects.

In the spring of 1949 in the center of the village. Rozivka had planted a garden. A few years later in an area of ​​12 hectares zazeleniv, rustled leaves crowns the largest in the country park. Then it was planted about three thousand seedlings. Today it is mighty tree. In the depths of the park stands the Common grave of soldiers-liberators, who died in September 1943 in our area. In the battles for liberation and Rozivky region killed 266 Soviet soldiers - soldiers and commanders of two Guards and 5th Shock Army.

September 13, 1943 Rozivku liberated three Guards Rifle Division under the command of Major General Tsalikova KA, which was part of the 13 Guards Rifle Corps under the command of Major General Chynchybadze PG With the liberation of our area and began the liberation of our whole region.

In 1952 the remains of soldiers-liberators of individual graves, located on the territories of the villages - Vyshnyuvate, Asia, Rozivka, Karl Liebknecht, Uritskogo Novodvorivky, Kuznetsivky, Solodkovodnevoho, Chervonoselska (Kuibyshev district) moved to the mass grave to the county. Then the mass grave was erected obelisk. The current monument to the fallen soldiers were set to 35-th anniversary of the liberation Rozivky fall of 1980. The old obelisk at the mass grave of dead soldiers-liberators were installed tryfihurnu sculptural group of grieving women of different nationalities, representatives of the Russian Plain, Caucasus Mountains and the Central Asian steppes. Author sculptural composition - B. Partsevych, architect - V. Shamrayevskyy. Near the monument grow two blue spruce, one brought relatives of dead soldiers from Georgia, another - from Kabardino-Balkaria.

Each year, the day of victory and liberation day Rozivky from Nazi invaders near the grave held meetings with the laying of flowers.

Railway station station Rozivka

Village. Rozivka st. Station, tel. 0 (6162) 97-1-42

Tourist destination located on the southern edge of town. Rozivka. Bordered by residential houses. Opposite - central cemetery. Nearby (200 m) are food shops.

In the second half of XIX century., After the abolition of serfdom in Russia comes through intensive capitalist development. Large deposits of iron ore and coal, with a small Remnants of serfdom and opportunities for wage labor create favorable conditions for development of strong coal and metallurgical base in Donetsk-Krivoy Rog basin. So the last quarter of XIX century in southern Ukraine oharakteryzuvalasya wide communications and construction industry. Since 70 of the XIX and beginning of XX century Ukraine experienced fever construction of railways. Lozova - Sevastopol (1871), Chaplino - Berdyansk (1898), Alexander - Volnovakha and Alexander - Dolhintsevo - Krivoy Rog - the railroad in our region, built at the time.

Railways Alexandrovsk - Volnovakha, II Katerinivska railway passed through the territory of our region. It was built in the watershed Azov Upland, so has some waviness, unlike other highways region. Construction of the Train Station to Station Rozivka was completed in 1902.

Station was burned by the fascists in autumn 1943, is restored in 50 of the last century.

In summer 2005 it was held outside redecoration and was presented plitochki railway station square. Old-timers say that the stone stairs to Privokzalnaya area of ​​the reserve was "Stone Tomb". The railway station one-storied, brick, slate roof four-under.

Currently on the road through the centuries. Rozivka passing trains: Yasynuvate Kherson, Lugansk, Simferopol and others.

Spiritual tourism

Orthodox church named. Alexander Nevsky

Village. Rozivka st. Lenin, tel. (06162) 97-2-80

Tourist destination located in the center of town. Rozivka both sides of the road Mariupol, Zaporozhye. The temple is bordered on one side of the post offices and branch JSC "Ukrtelecom", on the other - Alley of Glory. Opposite the house there are shops: "Trading house" BOOM "food," Our Brand "," Hermes "," Luxembourg "manufactured goods" Roksolana "," landlord ". Close (50 meters) - a pharmacy, a branch of" Private Bank "Police, cafe-bar" Olga "(100m) and others. objects.

Prerequisites that contributed to building the temple. Emperor Alexander III, together with his family returned from the Crimea to St. Petersburg. October 17, 1888 between the stations and Clips Taranova locomotive derailment. When the debris killed 20 people, 40 were wounded. With members of the royal family no one seriously hurt. This event is held not seen in Russia. At the site of train crash was the Savior Church of the Cross, and the railway embankment was built chapel Nerukotvornogo Savior. There were other buildings in cities and villages of the empire, dedicated to this event. In 1893, in Alexander (Zaporozhye) in the square before the railway station was built Orthodox church Nikolajevska. In German colony number 6 Hrunau (now village. Rozivka) was also built Orthodox church.

As stated in the publication Katerinoslavsky Zemstvo; ... attributed to K of St. Prophet Iliy p. Temryuk (Starchenkovo) has been postroenna tserkovъ kamennaya vъ 1896 g in pamyatъ Salvation Tsarskoy Semъy 17 October 1888 nearby the state. Bork, for funds pravoslavnыhъ residents, chasnыhъ lytsъ and vыdannoe posobie Holy Synod from 2000 rubles odnoprestolnaya - in the name of Saint. Alexander Nevskaho. "Designed for the Orthodox Church was and splitters.

During Soviet rule in Rozivtsi in 1924 the church together with the synagogue was closed. Later the church was used as a warehouse, power plant, building pioneers. From the synagogue and the German church is left nothing, and Orthodox church stood. In 1990 the church was returned to the Moscow Patriarchate and began to act as a center of Orthodoxy in the area.

The church today are such ceremonies as weddings and christenings, pravytsya service.

Villas rural (green) tourism etnosadyby

Etnosadyba "Greek court," p. Novomlynivka

Traditional celebrations and festivals

A. Theatrical festival "Oh, for John, oh, Midsummer" (6 - 7 July)

2. Theatrical festival "Elliniada" (6 - 7 July)

3. District festival of "Clean power" (August 24)

4. Interregional Festival "Legend" (last Saturday of May)

5. The District Children Festival "Primrose" (May 1)