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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Novomykolaivka district

Novomykolaivka district is located in the northeastern part of the oblast' and covers the territory of 1 thousand square kilometers. The district is ajointed to Zaporizhzhia, Donets'k and Dnipopetrovs'k olbasts'. 17.9 thousand people reside on its territory, 90% of them are Ukrainians. In the district there are two towns Novomykolaivka and Ternuvate, and 68 rural settlements.

Novomykolaivka is the centre of the district and it is located on the picturesque banks of the River Verkhnya Tersa.

Novomykolaivka district is well connected with other settlements via efficient transportation infrastructure of the republican and district significance; Zaporizhzhia-Donets'k highway and Novomykolaivka-Ternuvate highway respectively. Bus transportation infrastructure covers almost all of the district's area and operates during the season.

Territories and objects of the Nature Reserve Fund  

1. "Tsillynna dilyanka" (Virgin land soil lot) Botanic Reserve

2. "Softwood and greenwood forest with a steppe soil lot and a stream" Landscape Reserve

3. "Balka Chervonogorivs'ka" Chervonogorivs'ka  Ravine Landscape Reserve

4."Balka Mar'yanivs'ka "Mar'yanivs'ka  Ravine Landscape Reserve

5. "Pond with the steppe soil lots" Landscape Reserve

6. "Balka Tersyans'ka" Tersyans'ka Ravine Landscape Reserve

7. "Balka Sadova" Sadova Ravine Landscape Reserve

8. "Balka Golubivka" Golubivka Ravine Botanic Reserve

9. "Tavria" Zoological Park of the local significance

10. "Balka bezimenna" Nameless Ravine Botanic Reserve

11. "Balka Gonchary" Conchary Ravine Botanic Reserve

12. "Balka Golubovka" Golubovka Ravine Botanic Reserve

13. "Lybentsivs'kyi" Zoological Reserve

14. "Kashtanivs'kyi" Zoological Reserve

15. "Kucheryavyi" Landscape Reserve

16. Rodnyns'ka Ravine

17. Pedunculate Oak

18. Virgin land soil lot near the River Tersa

Arts and culture establishments

1. Novomykolaivka district History and Local Lore Museum

2. Novomykolaivka district culture centre

3. Novomykolaivka district library

4. Novomykolaivka district   school of esthetical education

History and culture monuments

1. Monument to the glory of Labour - ChTZ tractor

2. Memorial Complex in honour of warrior-liberators

Estates and objects of the rural (green) tourism, ethnoestates

1. Green tourism establishment, Novosolone village

2. Zaporizhzhia horse farm No. 86