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Melitopol district

In 67 villages and an urban village of Melitopol district live 54,800 people. The area is located in the southeastern part of Zaporizhia region.

By the water district includes the river, milk (69 km), Taschenak (27 km), small Utlyuk (25 km), Yushanly (20 km), tributary of the River Dairy: Kuhlman, Arabika. In villages Olenevka and Labour are bidding. The area of ​​the Milky estuary within the area is 324 ha. Much the district occupied by forest area.

Due to its unique monuments of nature, history and culture of Melitopol region is famous all over Ukraine. Historical and Archeological Reserve "Stone Grave" in s. Peace - a unique monument of ancient history and culture. Balance sarmatian Tertiary epoch (14 million years ago). Long-term archaeological research led to the discovery of more than 60 grottoes and caves, the walls of which are concentrated a large number of petroglyphs - a unique example of primitive art. By sandy hill adjacent virgin steppe of relict and endemic plants are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. A unique phenomenon was the opening of the oldest writings on Earth - the so-called "proshumerskoyi writing", which can be represented in international exhibitions in the world. In 1954, "Stone Grave" declared a state historical and archaeological reserve.

The main tourist sites can be reached highway Kharkiv-Simferopol.

National Historical and Archeological Reserve "Stone Grave"

The first documented information about the wonderful monument belonging to the XVIII century. A stone tomb older than the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge and zykkuryaty Middle East. Similar places in the land unit: in Tibet, Nepal and Egypt. This unique monument of nature and history is the mountain perimeter about 3 km and a height of about 12 m, which consists of about 3 thousand piskovykovyh plates of different sizes and grottoes. During long-term studies are open almost 60 grottos and caves with ancient petroglyphs. "Stone Grave" is a kind of written archives of ancient eras. It occurs about 3 thousand different images, whose age is over 10-14 thousand years: bulls, horses, deer, human feet, fishing supplies, old letters, etc..

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Areas and objects protected areas

Staroberdyanskyy landscape reserve

Botanical reserve "virgin land"

Botanical reserve "Trinity beam"

Botanical reserve "spur Chebretsovyy"

Entomological reserve "virgin beam 'Trinity', Plot number 1"

Entomological reserve "virgin beam 'Trinity', Plot number 2"

Entomological reserve "virgin land in the floodplain, the milk"

Entomological reserve "virgin land at the mouth of Arabika"

Recreation Area Staroberdyanskoho Forestry. Forestry, located in Melitopol district, more than 160 years. His gem can be considered as forests in the village of Sosnovka. In addition there are growing white pine trees acacia, oak, ash, cherry, Sophora and more from dozens of trees and shrubs. In the forest you can find squirrels, foxes, wild boars, badgers, martens, about fifty species of birds. Rustling trees, chirping birds, shine water surface - a few hours of rest in Sosnowiec provide long man cheerfulness and strength.

Reserve 'healing power. "In the village Patience is a small lake, where several dzherelets flowing water that breaks out of the ground. On the way to the surface water passes through several layers of lime, and so naturally cleaned and items of silver contained in it, make this healing water. This place was once the oak grove. It was a place of rest Chumaks (around was "Milky Way"). Stopped here to rest and representatives of the royal house of Catherine II, Alexander II, Nicholas II. Visit here and Nestor Mahno.Terytoriyu "mineral springs" Village Council settle bath. Religious communities about "sources" conduct rites of baptism.

Oak "Patriarch." Fountain is a monument to nature Oak "Patriarch", which at 500 years old. The height of an oak about 40 yards, near the trunk - 6 meters, roots grown in different directions at 100 meters. It is a symbol of spiritual purity, strength of spirit, the source of vitality.

Park "Garden"


Age oak

Virgin land along the railroad

Virgin land on beam "Kurushana"

Park "Elite". Park monument of landscape architecture "Park Elite" organized in order to protect and promote regeneration of natural systems, artificial creation of the park, where he met a lot of wood-shrub species: oak, acacia, willow, pine, ash , Sophora, and others. Rare species of insects listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. The total area of ​​the park is 5.0 hectares. "Park Elite" is part of the protected areas of Ukraine.

Institutions of Culture and Arts

Center of Czech national culture

In April 1869 immigrants from the Czech Republic was established village Chehohrad. The village was built and put into operation smithy, 3 mill, school house, reading rooms, hospital, worked two dramatic studio brass band. Significant place in the life of Czechs held a religious community. In 1884 the village was built Chehohrad and consecrated church with bell tower, which was destroyed in 30 of the last century. In October 1999, was osyachenyy new church of the Holy Trinity.

Now this village Novohorodkivka Melitopol District. The village center is the Czech national culture, founded in 1997 and the Czech language elective course, which attracts more than 150 children of different nationalities. Czech Cultural Society "Chehohrad" was established in May 1990 to revive and support Czech culture, and part of the Ukrainian Council of Czechs.

Historical and cultural attractions

Dugout, which housed the command post 118-th Infantry Division and 117 th artillery regiment in 1943

The house where the staff placed 463 th Infantry Regiment in 1943

Place a breakthrough of German lines of defense "Woden" Soviet troops. Victory Red Army at Stalingrad marked the beginning of radical change in the Great Patriotic War. After another defeat on the river and in the Donbass Mius Hitler's troops retreated to a new defensive line, which stretches from the Sea of ​​Azov, on the right bank of the river Dnieper to the Dairy plaven. It has been established clearly thought out system of military engineering structures with three or four lines of defense fortified artillery, mortars, tanks, dotted with mine fields and obplutanyh kolyuchyn - line Votan.Tse powerful engineering construction spoluchalosya with natural obstacles - high bank of the River Dairy, in some areas reached 30-40 m.Za these fortifications the Germans hoped to sit autumn-winter 1943-1944 r.r in order to start a counterattack in the spring.

The morning of September 26, 1943 southern troops broke through the front line of defense the Nazis near Tokmak. The enemy had made a desperate resistance. Across the River Line Dairy was concentrated ten infantry, three mountain rifle and two tank divisions, the Germans always threw here fresh forces and equipment from the Crimea. As a result, the east collide Hitler defense and get out on the Dnieper steppes our troops failed, and they bore heavy losses. In this setting command 118 28 Division Army decided to make a storm south of Melitopol, near the village Mordvynivka. Run the task assigned 463 Infantry Regiment under the command of V. Saw. For preparation of the operation was given a night and morning, September 30, 1943 under cover of thick reeds in front of enemy positions men down in cold water, quietly making their way forward. The first broke into the enemy trenches soldiers battalion Lieutenant GY Husova. There was a close-in fighting with the enemy. 72 hours was a hard battle ... In city break German lines of defense "Woden" a memorial sign - stela and plaque. Every year at this same place of historical reconstruction clubs organize theatrical performance, reconstruction of the battle.

Dugout, which housed the headquarters of the 54th Infantry Regiment

"Zone Supperta." Far from Melitopol, in the field in the village at ten meters depth Garden labyrinth of underground galleries and voids. In autumn 1941, following the fascist forces in the city came from archaeologists hymmlerivskoho Society "legacy predkov" for raskopok this place, the results have never been made public. Scientists believe that this underground city Royal Scythians - Necropolis, where the Scythians maintain their treasures. The place is called by the name of Melitopol scientist who conducted research in 1994. The method of Dowsing Valentin Suppert found "Catacombs clear geometric shapes. Prodyvlyalysya level interconnected passages, rectangular rooms, pieces of a giant underground-temple complex. And the presence of underground metal masses."

History and architecture

The remains of the house Klassen

Villas rural (green) tourism etnosadyby

Manor Green Tourism "Alley Rose", p. Measured. Melitopol district, town. Peace, st. Street, 5 Tel. 49-42-53. Accommodation and food, traditional Ukrainian cuisine, rest on the river near the fire, forest walks

Manor Green Tourism "Pine Amber," p. Sosnivka. Melitopol district, p. Sosnovka, tel. 97-6-58. Accommodation and food, traditional Ukrainian cuisine, rest on the river near the fire, walk through the woods, fishing

House of rural tourism, p. Novopylypivka. Melitopol district, p. Novopylypivka st. Youth 19 telephone number of the Cultural and Tourism (292) 6-83-13 (77). Accommodation and food, traditional Ukrainian cuisine, rest on the river near the fire, walk through the woods, apiary, fishing

Other estates

Objects of spiritual tourism

Temple Tikhonov church community (construction beginning. XX c.)