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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Kam’yanka-Dniprovska district

Kam’yanka-Dniprovska district is located on the left bank of the Kakhovs’ke reservoir in the western part of the oblast’ and covers 1.2 thousand square kilometers of its territory. 43.6 thousand of people live in 18 localities of the district. It has been ihabitted since the ancient times. So, on the ouscirts of Blagovishchenka village the remains of the Palaeolithic age settlement (15 thousand years old) was found, as well as several settlements of the early Bronze Age and the settlements of the Bilozers’ka Culture. A Scythian fortified settlement, so-called the Kam’yans’ke gorodishche (Kam’anka-Dniprovka city), a centre of the steppe Scythia of that time, was founded at the end of the Vth and IVth centuries. The Kakhovka reservoir, the Bilozerka Liman, the areas with plavni vegetation (an object of the national significance) are located near it.

All tourist objects are connected with the asphalt pavements. A hotel (up to 30 persons), a tent camp, sports grounds, cafes with home cuisine are for those tourists who have chosen this route.

Territories and objects of the Nature Reserve Fund  

1. "Vodyans’ki I Ivanivs’ki Kuchugury” Botanic Reserve

2. "Ivanivskyi bir” Landscape Reserve

3. "Vodyans’ki kuchugury” Landscape Reserve

4. "Kam’yans’kyi lisovyi masyv” (Kam’anka forestry) Landscape Reserve

5. "Urochishche Mami-gora” Landscape Reserve

6.”Mixed deciduous forest with remains of feather grass and sheep fescue steppe” Landscape Reserve

7. "Mamai-gora” Botanic Reserve

8. «Tsilynna Ravine» Entomological Reserve

9.  "Tsilynni vodookhoronni zemli” (Tsilyna water protection lands) Botanic Reserve«Цілинні водоохоронні землі»

10. "Balka z stepovoyu roslynnist’yu” (Ravine with steppe vegatation) Botanic Reserve

11. "Pivdennyi skhyl balky lugo-pasovyshchnogo sivoobigu No.3” (Ravine’s Southern slope of grassland rotation No.3) Entomological Reserve

12. «Tsilynna Ravine» Entomological Reserve

13. "Mixed deciduous forest” Forest Reserve

14. "Bilozerka Urochishche” Landscape Reserve

15. "Tsilynna Ravine” Entomological Reserve

16. "Dyakons’ki sady” (Deacon’s gardens) Herpetological Reserve

17. Stream with a pond and coastline

Arts and culture establishments

1. Kam’yanka-Dniprovs’ka District History and Archaeology Museum

2. Kam’yanka-Dniprovs’ka District Culture Centre

3. Kam’yanka-Dniprovs’ka Centre of Children Creative Activities

4. "Dzhur School”

Historic, cultural and archaeological monuments

1. "Mamai-gora” kurgan burial mound

2. "Kam’yans’ke gorodishche”

3. "Solokha” kurgan burial mound

Objects of spiritual tourism

1. Cathedral of the Most-Holy Mother of God


1. Bus station

2. Quay