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Energodar City located in southern Ukraine, on the left bank Kakhovka reservoir (in the Lower Dnieper), 20 km from the district center of heater-Dnepr, 132 km - from the regional center of Kiev. The area of ​​the city - 63.9 square meters. miles. The population today is 54.3 thousand people.

City Energodar known as the energy capital of Ukraine. His story began in 1970 when the building was laid Zaporozhye GRES (now - Zaporizhzhya TPP). Henceforth concept Energodar and nuclear power plant - inalienable.

Climatic conditions in this region are favorable for development of tourism in the summer and in winter. Energodar can be attributed to recreational tourism in entertainment and entertainment and cognitive direction.

Institutions of Culture and Arts

Energodar urban art showroom. Pm Energodar, Riverside, Hall 6, tel. (06139) 6-21-05

City Library. Pm Energodar Ave Builders, 22, tel. (06139) 6-24-63

Palace of Culture "Contemporary". Pm Energodar Ave Builders, 27a, tel. (06139) 3-26-38

Music School. Pm Energodar Ave Builders, 23, tel. (06139) 3-27-12

Art School. Pm Energodar st. Sovetskaya, 25-b, (06139) 3-29-67

The cultural and business center "Youth". Pm Energodar st. Central 6, tel. (06139) 3-36-77

Historical and cultural attractions

Common grave of Soviet soldiers - memorial stele

Memorial in honor of Zaporozhye GRES - the road to HPP

Monument to Taras Shevchenko - the area of PC "Contemporary"

Commemorative stela Lieutenant pidpodnoho boat "Kursk" AS Loginov - ENVK number 3

Commemorative stela fallen soldiers to Afghanistan - ENVK number 1

History and architecture

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP)

State District Power Plant (TPP)

Traditional celebrations and festivals

International Theatre Festival b'yenale "good theater" (April 30 - May 07, every two years)

Energodar Ave Builders, 21, office 17, tel. (06139) 3-33-67, 04/09/86, E-mail:

From May 1992 - one of the best events taking place in the city, held once in two years. The name of the festival by chance. Each to himself states that he is investing in this concept, but almost all who participated in previous festivals coincide in one: "Good Theatre" - a unique phenomenon. And above all it shows is that every team, regardless of expertise and experience, the festival gets a huge charge of creative energy and inspiration.

During the festival to stage Pc "Contemporary" - the main base of the festival - visited theaters from Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine. Especially it should be noted that almost never during the festival in the hall there is no availability. The next ten festival festival will be held from April 30 to May 7, 2010.

City contest song "Merry notes"

Hotel facilities


Hotel R "ZAES" NNEGC "

Hotel "Energoatom"

Transport links




Department of Culture Energodar City Council:

Kulagina Nadezhda B.

71503, Energodar, Prospect Builders, 21, room. 17, tel. (239) 3-33-67