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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Chernigovsky district

In the center of the Zaporozhye region located Chernigovsky district. Its area is 1.2 thousand square meters. km, most located in the Azov Upland. Bordered by Tokmak, Pology, Kuibyshev, Berdyansk, seaside, Priazovskiy regions. The district is located 41 settlement, which is subject to one village and 11 rural councils. The population is 21,700 people.

Around the village. Novopoltavka Chernihiv region begins the longest river region - Milk and its tributaries Yushanly, Kaykulak and the third largest river Azov - Obitochna.

On the territory of modern district in the nineteenth to early twentieth century there were several colonies of German-speaking population - Mennonites and other sects. They left behind a significant number of historical sites.

Environmental objects represented botanical, entomological, landscape reserve (virgin, prairie land and beams, beams with a pond, ravine, protection zones) in the local town of Chernigov, p. Novopoltavka, p. Mohylyany.

To all tourist facilities district are roads with asphalt coating. It offers tourists and cafe cuisine.

Areas and objects protected areas

A. The landscape reserve "tract cliff"

2. The landscape reserve "virgin land with a pond"

3. The landscape reserve "Saltychiyske Steppe estate"

4. Botanical reserve "tract of the Church"

5. Botanical reserve "water protection zone"

6. Botanical reserve "virgin land"

7. Botanical reserve "Steppe beam"

8. Entomological reserve "virgin beam with rocky exposures"

9. "Tokmak-grave" (Blue Mountain)

10. The artificial lake

Institutions of Culture and Arts

A. Museum Mennonite

2. Chernihiv District Historical Museum

3. Chernihiv regional center of culture and leisure

Historical and cultural and archaeological sites

A. Burial graves "Black Tomb"

2. Tomb Luke Vukalovycha

3. Burial graves "Two mounds"

History and architecture

A. House landlord Shabaev

2. Estate of German colonists

3. Training Corps agricultural school I Category 1893 - 1896 рр.

4. Grange (farm) Shteybah

5. Catherine Bridge

6. House of school primary school years 1896 -1900

Objects of spiritual tourism

A. Church of Archangel Michael

2. Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary