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Berdyans'k Resort City

Berdyans'k is a city visited by tourists first of all for vacation.  The city is connected to Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovs'k, Kyiv and Moscow by railroad. There are a lot of national bus routes traveling through Berdyans’k.

Nature has created  unique conditions for vacation and health improvement here: the calm Azov Sea with its waters summer temperature going up to 26 degrees C, kilometres of fine-sand beaches, sulfite-sludge muds and sodium chloride iodine-bromine mineral water containing organic and inorganic substances , enzymes and vitamins.  Even the sea water contains more than 100 chemical elements which during sea baths get into our body giving to us the substances we need.  

Nowadays health spa resorts, health resorts, health resort hotels, and health-improving centres for children operating in the resort zone and on Berdyans’ka Split host more than 30 thousand people.

Berdyans’k resort celebrated 100th anniversary in 2002. However, the city’s history began even earlier…

Today, all central streets of Berdyans’k lead to the port. And it did not happen by chance, because it was the sea port that had become a seed growing/having grown into the marvelous city.

 From the very beginning the mouth of the Obitochna River (now Prymors’k city) was chosen for a port construction, but later they had to change the place to a more appropriate one. So, a landing stage was built in Berdyans’k harbour in 1827. People started settling around the wharf, and a small town appeared.

The port became renowned extremely quickly.  And in its 9th year of existence in 1835 Berdyans’k became a city and centre of the povit (an administrative unit, one of the territorial subdivisions) in 1842.

Berdyans’k inhabitants have to be grateful to Odessa projectors for their city planning. It was they who set general layout of Berdyans’k and stopped by that patternless development of its centre.

In the second half of the nineteenth century small industrial enterprises appeared: John Grieves plant, Schröder and Matthias agricultural machinery plants, Fetter brewery and so on. In the city there were three libraries and four book stores, also they published two newspapers, developed water supply system and provided public lighting. Berdyans’k was connected to Chaplino station by railroad in 1899. So the port got new prospects for its improvement.

During the soviet period Berdyans’k developed as a resort and industrial city, and its population increased almost fivefold and reached about 130 thousand people.

Berdyans’k beaches have been and are the favorite vacation spots. The Central beach No.1 stretching along the quay from the port till Prypmorskaya square is and attractive place due to its "central” location and developed infrastructure as well. The beach No. 3 is for those who prefer taking sun baths under the shadow of great poplars and acacia trees enjoying the views of the port and quay. The eastern and southern coastlines of Berdyans’ka Split are big beaches themselves (almost 20 kilometres). The clearest sea water is exactly here. Admirers of water activities should visit the biggest in Ukraine "Cape of Good Hope” Water Park located where Berdyans’ka Split begins.

     To enjoy the views of the city you can board a small sightseeing boat which cruises constantly between the port and pier on Berdyans’ka Split.

       However, Berdyans’k attracts tourist not only by its beaches. You can enjoy free time attending five museums of the city.  It will be a marvelous introduction to the history of Berdyans’k by visiting its Museum of City History located not far from the bus station (Dyumina str., 15). Visiting the Berdyans’k Museum of Local Lore (Peremogy Ave., 14) you can learn about eminent Berdyans’k persons, history and nature of the Azov Sea area and see the interiors of the traditional village houses of the XIX century as well. The P.P. Schmidt Memorial House-Museum dedicated to the legendary Schmidts is located on Schmidt Street, 8. A small museum "Podvig” (Feat) is located almost on the quay (Sverdlova Street, 10). A better place to get acquainted with the world of fine and plastic arts is the I. Brods’kyi Fine Arts Museum located on Marksa Street, 29.

A private zoo will present to all members of your family a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions. You will see here not only bears, lions, black panthers, monkeys, camels, porcupines and various birds but  also such rare species as Siberian tiger and leopards. Having paid a small fee the zoo visitors will get a chance to feed the animals with something tasty.

Also Berdyans’k has its architectural pearls. One of the oldest buildings still pleases the eye and more than that it still does good  to all those who are at the sea. It is a 23 meter Nyzhnyoberdyans’kyi Beam. Its octangular tower with a red stripe in the middle was built in 1837. In 1883 it became one of the first electrical beams in Russia.

A 640 meter break wall was built to protect the city and the port in 1869.  This stone construction with two towers on each side still butifies the entrance into the port.

The building of the The Berdyans’k State Pedagogical University (1876) located across the road from P. Schmidt Park resembles a fairy tale castle. A touch of remote times marks the Karaites kenasa of 1850 and the negotiant Konstantinov chapel and family vault on Kobozeva hill.  

After a good rest day spent on the beaches and in the museums it would be nice to take a walk along the renewed Lenin Avenue, have your picture taken in front of Prymors’ka Square or sit on an fancy shaped bench on the quay  gazing the bright sun set over the horizon.   No doubt, the monuments "Bychku-goduval’nyku” (To Goby the Supporter), "Rybachok” ("Small Fisherman”), "Krislo bazhan’” ("Make a wish seat”) and original and small fountains will draw your attention. On the quay you can buy a souvenir as a reminder of an unforgettable vocation.

Berdyans’k is a well known city for its festivals which are held here no less than 10 times a year. First of all they are the "Brigantina” International Film Festival, the "Rock-n- roll of Slavic Soul” festival, the "Solntsepek” music festival, the "Zorepad” festival, the "Azovs’ki vitryla” festival, the "Life on a bike” international bikers’ convention.

There is no such a notion as a "resort season” in Berdyans’k.  A unique holiday atmosphere never ends here.  So it is not important when you visit it because guests are always welcome here.

Berdyans’k Tourist Infrastructure