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Akimovsky district

Akimovsky district, an area of ​​1.8 thousand. Square. km, is located in the southern part of Zaporizhzhya region. From the east and south east region is washed by the Dairy and Utlyutskym estuaries in the south - the Sea of ​​Azov.

Total population - 38,1 thousand people. 61.6% of the population is Ukrainian, 31.6 - Russians, 1,6 - Bulgarians, the rest - other nationalities (Tartars, Belorussians, Koreans, Azerbaijanis).

Akimovka well known for its resort zone. On the coast of the Azov Sea, mainly in urban Kirillovka, Altahir, Atmanay, Hercules is located more than 200 resorts and other recreational facilities. The bottom of estuaries covered with a thick layer of healing sulfur mud hydrogen Milky estuary, which is successfully used medical and health institutions.

The area is crossed two roads of national importance Kharkiv-Simferopol and Mariupol, Odessa, and a rail road from the station Yakymivka. The presence of these roads make area available for traveling tourists.

Areas and objects protected areas

The landscape reserve "Syvashyk"

Zakaznyk within the bog-estuary salt and onion-steppe lands of Lake Bolgradsky Syvashyk or simply Syvashyk. Vegetation is represented by steppe plants, many steppe primroses.

Located west of the village Atmanay. To the village paved freeway and is bus. The facility is situated in a fairly deserted area.

The landscape reserve "Fedotova Spit"

Located south of town. Kirillovka on a sandy spit. Founded in 1979 Area - 234 hectares. Protected prairie flora, place of nesting birds. Well developed transport infrastructure and in the adjacent recreation area.

Forest "Radyvonivskyy"

Located near the village Radyvonovka. Established in 1903. It is within the protected more than 40 species of trees and shrub species. Transport connection is good. The infrastructure surrounding villages Radyvonovka and Lenin dominated points.

Zoological Reserve 'Altahirskyy "

Located near the village Radyvonovka and Hercules. Founded in 1890 (another version - 1840) year. Aklimatyzuyut animals and protected about 50 species of trees and shrub species. Transport connection is good. In infrastructure, mainly represented by points.

The landscape reserve "floodplain, the small Utlyuk"

Located on the banks of the River Little Iron, in close proximity to the town and district center Yakymivka. Founded in 1980 Yakymivka has good road and rail connections. Infrastructure well developed.

Ornithological reserve ", the floodplain Atmanay"

Located in close proximity to the village. Davydivka and Atmanay. Borders of the reserve "Syvashyk." Protected places fall stops for migratory birds and breeding of small swamp-river small birds. Transport links only to the village. Atmanay and Davydivka.

Botanical reserve "right bank of the Milky estuary" (village Lenin) - the second name, "estuary"

Located near the village of Lenin. Established in 1980. Situated on an elevated bank of the Milky lake. Protected landscapes, where common thyme. Transport links only to the village of Lenin, infrastructure represented only outlets.

Botanical reserve "right bank of the Milky estuary" (village Ohrimivka)

Located near the village Ohrimivka on the right high bank of the Milky estuary. Established in 1980. Protected wild steppe, where there are disputes and thyme. Transport links only to the village Ohrimivka. Infrastructure in the village Ohrimivna weak. Mostly - points.

Botanical reserve "right bank of the Milky estuary" (village cause of the incident)

Located near the village cause of the incident. Established in 1980. Protected area of ​​virgin steppe, where the herbs dry steppes. Transport links to the village only cause of the incident. Infrastructure provided outlets in the same village.

Botanical reserve "Steppe slope Milky estuary" (village Kirillovka) - the second name: "Kyrylivsky"

Located in close proximity to the village Kirillovka. Established in 1980. Protected areas of steppe landscape, where there are disputes and thyme. Transport links to Kyrylivka. The infrastructure is good in the village.

Ornithological reserve "under Taschenakskyy"

Located near the village Radyvonivka, at the mouth of the river Taschenak. Established in 1980. Protected space hnizduvan migratory birds and bushes chamomile. Infrastructure provided outlets in the village Radyvonovka. Transport links to this village.

Hydrological reserve "Milk estuary" (within it - reserve "mouth of the estuary of the Milky" near the village of timothy in the mouth of the River Dairy)

Located in the area of ​​the Milky estuary. Protected space hnizduvan Waterbirds, and areas where migratory birds stop. Transport links to the village. Lenin, Radyvonovka, cause of the incident, Ohrimivka, Kirillovka. Infrastructure is well developed only in Kirillovka.

The upper estuary Utliuh

Located Kyrylivka and Atmanayu. Protected space hnizduvan Waterbirds. Transport links only to these settlements, where there is infrastructure (well developed in Kirillovka in Atmanayi only outlets).

Park sanatorium "Kirillovka"

Located within the health resort "Kirillovka" near the settlement of the same name. Presented as a green recreational area. Infrastructure well developed. Transport links to the village Kirillovka.

Institutions of Culture and Arts

Yakymivskyy District Local History Museum

Yakymivska Central District Library

Yakymivskyy District House of Culture

Yakymivskyy House District Youth Art

History and architecture

House, where was located the headquarters of the 4th Ukrainian Front

Estate baron Filibera, XIX century.

Villas rural (green) tourism etnosadyby

Farmstead rural (green) tourism, p. Atmanay 

Traditional celebrations and festivals

Festival-Contest "Slavic Zoryanytsya" (July each year)

"Christmas Parties", "Christmas Eve, Good evening" (every year on New Year)

Neptune Festival

"How to Maslyanoy week"

Health care institutions and recreation

Yakymivskyy area

Village. Kirillovka

Transport links

Railway station

Bus Village. Yakymivka Street. Young Patriots, 6, tel.: (06131) 91230

Bus Village. Kirillovka: Lane. Azov, 12, tel.: (06131) 96204

Emergency and rescue services

Rescue station


Department of Culture and Tourism Yakymivskoyi State Administration

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72500, Zaporozhye, t. Yakymivka st. Lenin, 36, tel. (06131) 9-12-60