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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Regional tourism objects

National Reserve "Khortytsya"

National Reserve "Khortytsya" - research and recreational and educational institution that provides protection of historical, cultural and natural objects, collects, studies, preserves and promotes the interest associated with the history of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

Dneproges them. VI Lenin

Zaporizhzhya Region name. VI Lenin rightly be regarded as a symbol of Kiev and the whole era. For more than 75 years, it has the benefit of people. With construction in Zaporizhzhya powerful hydroelectric power was made possible not only unimpeded shipping Dnieper, but construction and development in southern Ukraine huge industrial complex that fundamentally influenced the development of the southern, central and eastern regions of the country.

Zaporizhzhya Regional Museum

Zaporizhzhya Regional Museum was founded in 1921 became the first Director of JP Novitsky. After the death of its founder museum gradually decline, moving from place to place.

In 1930 there was a museum of history Dneprostroy, which in 1939 received the status of the regional local lore. During the war museum exhibits severely affected. In pre-war collection survived only two guns of the XVIII century.

Vasilevsky historical and architectural museum-reserve "Popov Castle"

Museum-reserve "Popov Castle" occupies the building once known in Europe, palace and park complex estate-General Vasily Stepanovich Popov built in 1894 by local master builders and serfs of Poltava and Chernihiv. Draft written Finnish (Swedish) Styunklem architect. It is stated that the author of the palace complex and many of its elements is a world-famous Russian architect Nikolai Benois. The combination of architectural genius and skill of the musician has created a true marvel of urban development, unique high walls of brick laying, according to experts, has neither in Ukraine nor in the CIS in general and in Europe.

National Historical and Archeological Reserve "Stone Grave"

The first documented information about the wonderful monument belonging to the XVIII century. A stone tomb older than the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge and zykkuryaty Middle East. Similar places in the land unit: in Tibet, Nepal and Egypt. This unique monument of nature and history is the mountain perimeter about 3 km and a height of about 12 m, which consists of about 3 thousand piskovykovyh plates of different sizes and grottoes. During long-term studies are open almost 60 grottos and caves with ancient petroglyphs. "Stone Grave" is a kind of written archives of ancient eras. It occurs about 3 thousand different images, whose age is over 10-14 thousand years: bulls, horses, deer, human feet, fishing supplies, old letters, etc..

Nature reserve "Stone Graves"

This mountainous country in miniature. It invigorates and charges yet healing energy. Charming incredible flavors and virginity steppe grasses.

Reserve "Stone Tomb" was founded April 5, 1927 as a special protected area. Its area is about 400 hectares. Included in the Ukrainian Steppe Nature Reserve, slave of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. County Tracts "Stone Tomb" in geological, biological, artistic, emotional and historical aspects is both unique and representative.

700-year-old oak Zaporozhian

By the way, the Cossacks of his legendary Letter to Turkish Sultan wrote under the same oak. During its "heyday" diameter green crown Zaporozhye oak was 63 feet, circumference barrel - 6 meters 32 centimeters, the height of the tree - 36 meters. They say that Hitler wanted to take him to Germany as a symbol of his power. Zaporizhia oak has always been one of the main attractions of the Cossacks.

Given the importance of 700-year-old Cossack oak as natural monuments in the context of historical and cultural development of Ukraine initiated by regional state administration 24 August 2001, the 10th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, opened the historical and cultural center "700-year-old Zaporozhian oak. "