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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre


Description of All-Ukrainian social project "Ornament Way"

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with a rich history, ancient traditions and culture, beautiful
nature and highly hospitable people. Unfortunately, Ukraine remains touristically unexplored not only for
foreigners but also for Ukrainians.

On the conservation of archaeological heritage

It took 8 months from the time when the RSA board addressed the issue of preserving the cultural heritage of Zaporizhzhya. In our area it is extremely important because the state is 8476 account of historical and cultural monuments of national importance 12. In terms of archeological Zaporozhye region ranks first in Ukraine, they are in 6722. Each object of cultural heritage is unique and has individual characteristics that shape its historical and cultural potential, which is part of the national wealth.

Ukrainian Festival III pottery "Potters on Khortitsa"

Department of Culture and Tourism Administration jointly with the regional branch of the Ukrainian Culture Fund and the regional center of the National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine 3-5 August 2012 Ukrainian Festival held III pottery "Potters on Khortitsa", whose main objective is to promote and preserve the traditions of folk art.

The events in the tourist area of ​​the region

July 31, 2012 at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine hosted a meeting with the heads of departments of Culture and Tourism of governors on "On the general problem of culture and joint actions to address them."

The events in the tourist area of ​​the region

For tourism development Zaporozhye region ranks third fourth place in Ukraine. This is not surprising, because only national park "Khortytsya" annually attend the fifty thousand tourists anymore. To maintain such a high bar to continue in the region to create tourist information center. This was discussed at a meeting of the Standing Committee for Humanitarian Affairs, chaired by Victor Mezheyka, held July 23, 2012

Fyodor Konyukhov awarded the badge "Honorary Citizen of Zaporozhye region"

At the initiative of the Head of Alexander Peklushenko deputy regional council at the last session in 2011, which took place on December 29, received the title of "Honorary Citizen of Zaporozhye region" known traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, who hails from the village of Chkalov Azov district.

Opening of the exhibition of paintings, sculpture and graphics at the Art Museum

10.07.2012 at Regional Art Museum with the support of the Culture and Tourism Administration in a joint project of artistic association "Peredvizhniki XXI Century" (St. Petersburg) and Zaporizhzhya Regional Art Museum opened an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and graphics creators from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Kamchatka, and the artists life and career are connected with Ukraine.

About the events in sphere of tourism

Information on tourist activities that took place June 2, 2012.
In the Palace of Culture "Orbit" Zaporozhye held regional qualifying competition of the XIII All-Ukrainian festival of contemporary music and popular music "Red Rue"

Regional seminar on "2012 - Year of Culture and regeneration of Museums"

24/5/2012 at museum of local lore held regional seminar on "2012 - Year of Culture and the revival of museums."

The event was attended by Deputy Head of Culture and Tourism Administration Malakov KF, directors, researchers and museum preserves area.