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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

The events in the tourist area of ​​the region


July 31, 2012 at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine hosted a meeting with the heads of departments of Culture and Tourism of governors on "On the general problem of culture and joint actions to address them."

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister - Chief of Staff O. Gubinа, director of the financial resources of O. Pasichnyk, director of public policy in the sphere of culture, arts and education Homolska L., head of the accounting and financial reporting V. Zhuk, Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Values ​​W. Vecherskyy.

Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine O.Gubinа in his speech said that the ministry should shape public policy in the cultural field, including through the formation of strategic goals. It is necessary to synchronize the actions of the Ministry of Regional Administrations. Strategic directions for the development of cultural space inherent in the concept of humanitarian development of Ukraine and the concept of public trust national cultural program of art and culture until 2017. It is the adoption of these documents will consolidate the work of all authorities in the field of culture.

Head of Management Accounting and Financial Reporting Culture V. Zhuk violated the reduction of cultural institutions, which is happening on the ground. He said that the law "On Culture" establishes basic network of cultural institutions. Unless developed regulations to create a basic network, cultural institutions, despite the existing problems should not be closed.

Regional representatives expressed the need to change the coefficient calculations local budget allocated for cultural needs. Thus A. Gubin said that "performance culture can not be measured only by numbers. Each region has to publish high-quality cultural products - and this should help the concept of human development. Cultural product is up to date, meet the challenges of our time, and most importantly - meet the needs of our youth. And that is what you want to work - and the state will always be maintained. Ukrainian nation should love their culture - or is our work will have meaning. "

The meeting was the Head of Culture and Tourism of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration Iryna Konareva that informed about the state of the culture of Zaporozhye region and raised questions about the development of a number of Ministry regulations, and made proposals: - more widely publicize cultural and artistic events regions, namely Zaporozhye in the pages of the National newspaper "Culture and Life" - to amend the regulations MKU 12.12.2011 №1271 "On approval of the list of services that can be provided by cultural institutions, based on state and municipal property," including proposals regions of Ukraine and accumulated earlier experience. IE Konareva also reported on the preparations for the Third Ukrainian Cossack festival "Intercession on Khortitsa" and invited creative teams from regions of Ukraine to participate in the activities of the festival.