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Fyodor Konyukhov awarded the badge "Honorary Citizen of Zaporozhye region"


At the initiative of the Head of Alexander Peklushenko deputy regional council at the last session in 2011, which took place on December 29, received the title of "Honorary Citizen of Zaporozhye region" known traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, who hails from the village of Chkalov Azov district.

Because now Wealden Psychology lives in Moscow, immediately give him the badge was not possible, and as soon as he was able to come to the homeland and come to RSA - it solemnly awarded the honorary title.

Welcomed famous traveler Deputy Head Victor Emelianenko, council chairman Paul Matvienko, deputy regional council, heads of departments Governor and other officials from across the region.

- Check Fyodor Konyukhov the small home - it is a very big event for all of us, now we can finally reward the legendary traveler and scientist deserved title of honorary citizen of Zaporozhye region. It is an expression of our admiration activities Fyodor Konyukhov and high respect for this man.

Fyodor Konyukhov know without exception villagers Chkalov, Azov District, generally all Zaporizhia region. Starting next year, pupils Azov district will study the biography of the famous traveler, investigate his activities. The regional government will do its utmost to this legendary figure he knew every inhabitant of Zaporizhia region, - said Viktor Emelianenko.

The official gave Fedor Konyukhov book about Zaporizhzhya region and collectible coins with the image of Zaporozhye region, and then with Paul Matviyenko awarded the badge "Honorary Citizen of Zaporozhye region." Also famous compatriot gave great banner Zaporozhye region.

According to Fyodor Konyukhov, he never forgets that his house is on the Zaporizhia earth, which is why he wants to open a regional center school travelers. He is convinced that the school has become a model for other similar establishments, and it should go best students-Excellent from all the regional center.

- I am very pleased that in my native home in the village of Chkalov museum created my behalf. When I went to their native villages, built back in 1909, it was much impressed: everything so professionally restored, I felt like I was in childhood. But I would not like that it was only my museum because I initiated it to become a museum of all the famous people who were born and grew in my home village - said Wealden Psychology.

Also, a traveler said that recently gave Chkalovskoe school where he studied, and which now bears his name, the telescope. He wants kids looked at the sky, which, in his opinion, Ukraine has the most beautiful in the world.

Recall now only four compatriots have the title of "Honorary Citizen of Zaporozhye region": Hero of Ukraine, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Zaporizhstal" Vitaly Satska, Hero of Ukraine, deputies of Ukraine, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslayev, academician of NAMS Ukraine, director of the regional center trasplantolohiyi, Rector of Zaporozhye Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Alexander Nikonenko and, indeed, world-traveler Fyodor Konyukhov.