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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Normative and legal base

Laws of Ukraine

"Principles of Legislation of Ukraine on Culture" from 14.02.1992 № 2117-XII

"On Tourism" from 15.09.1995 № 324/95-VR

"On the resorts" of 05.10.2000 № 2026-III

"On Museums and Museum Affairs" from 29.06.1995 № 249/95-VR

"On the Protection of Cultural Heritage" from 08.06.2000 № 1805-III

"On export, import and return of cultural property" of 21.09.1999 № 1068-XIV

"On the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage" dated 18.03.2004 № 1626-IV

"On information" from 02.10.1992 № 2657-XII

"On the Fundamentals of information society development in Ukraine for 2007-2015" dated 09.01.2007 № 537-V

"On the protection of public morals" of 20.11.2003 № 1296-IV

Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

"On the introduction of a moratorium on the eviction of editorial offices of printed mass media, cultural institutions, including libraries, publishers, bookstores, businesses with distribution of books and press" from 16.01.2009 № 901-VI

Resolution of the Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine

"On approval of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine" dated 08.11.2006 № 1566

"On approving the list of paid services that may be cultural institutions and arts based on state and municipal property» of 05.06.1997 № 534

"On approval of the state examination of cultural values ​​and amounts of fees for its implementation" of 26.08.2003 № 1343

Directive of the Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine

"On approval of the concept of administrative services executive" from 15.02.2006 № 90-p

Orders of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine

Common Order of ISU, IFIs MEU "On approval of the paid services cultural institutions and arts" from 21.12.99 N 732/306/152, registered MYUU 30.12.1999, N 923/4216