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Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,
Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions
Zaporozhye Regional Tourist Information Centre

Register of investment proposals

List of investment projects developed by the Regional Development Strategy for the period up to 2015

Preferred direction: "Zaporozhye region - historical and cultural tourist and resort center of national and international importance"

Creating Historical and Ethnographic Museum Complex under the open sky "Krempoveye wheel" in Energodar town Energodar (Economic Department of the City Council
Create a historical and cultural complex "Etnoselo" in Volnyansk area Volnyansk district NGO "Wonderful World"
Create ethnographic complex "Hussar estate" settlement. Kuybysheve Kuibyshev district (Department of Economics RSA)
Construction of tourism infrastructure for fishing fans to Berdyansk reservoir Berdyansk area (RSA deputy chairman - Orhiyets AM)
Create a cultural and tourist complex in Kamenka-Dnieper-based regional historical and archaeological museum Kamenka-Dnieper area (Department of Culture and Tourism RSA)
Infrastructure development facility near the village of tourist importance. Yelyseyivka Primorsky region "pegmatite quarry - Blue Lake" Primorsky region (Department of Culture and Tourism RSA)
Historical and tourist complex in Molochansk Tokmak District "Mennonite yard" Tokmak area (Department of Culture and Tourism RSA)
Infrastructure development of tourist facility "Temple of God Archangel Michael" in s. Upper Tokmak Chernihiv region (Department of Culture and Tourism RSA)