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Folk masters Zaporizhzhya region

All of the masters of decorative and fine arts Zaporizhzhya region are well-known residents and guests of the famous Cossack country. They serve not only souvenirs, the pride of the land beyond the Dnieper rapids, but also the traditional national dress and decoration of home furnishing.

His creative successes representatives Zaporozhye school craftsmen certify that focus on the study of modern folklore of its territory, monitor certain processes of traditional folk culture in modernity, discovery of the positive experience of the creative unions in today and find out art - artistic level of performance skills. This helps them actively regional training center for culture and art. Yes The exhibition exhibitions (photos): Regional cultural - artistic event "Zaporizhzhya charms", exhibition of traditional folk art "Zaporizhzhya charms" in the creative report Zaporozhye region in Kiev, State exhibition "Pictorial Ukraine" in Kiev, exhibition "Easter Fair" in Kiev artists demonstrated considerable potential for the development of folk art, as well as a widespread enthusiasm for contemporary arts areas - arts, support and revival of traditional arts of different peoples who live on the territory of Zaporozhye region.

As of 01.01.2009 there were 66 in clubs, studios and amateur associations. Significantly increased, compared with last year, the number of amateur artists - from 147 to 264 artists and arts - crafts - from 1044 to 1534, with the participation of organized exhibitions of 1335 (236,867 visitors).

In the developing countries almost all areas of decorative - applied art, but the most common: embroidery, carpet making, wood carving, wicker weaving, crochet and knitting, pottery. Significantly increased number of artists involved in decorative painting, Easter egg, beaded products. It should be noted that the direction of masters Zaporozhye region is quite diverse: aesthetic, ethnology, household, natural - scientific, regional, patriotic.

Popularity of the population enjoy the presentation of works of folk artists, solo and thematic exhibitions, photo exhibitions, evening - meeting in UEFA living room. In some areas of practice permanent exhibitions in museums, which are also in demand. All these events are regularly covered in local media. Some newspapers publish Zaporozhian "MIG", "Zaporozhye truth."

Zaporizhzhya masters adequately represent the area not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Their work is in Canada, America, Israel, Poland, Russia, France .. The pride of Zaporozhye region is:

- Masters of embroidery:
Valentina Harlova - deserved Teacher of Ukraine, Head of School of Embroidery "Berehynia";
Nadiya Denisyuk - the deserved Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, Thais Mazur - deserved master of folk art;
Alexandra Artemieva;
Catherine Vashurina - Golub
Ludmila Voitenko;
Svetlana Ihnatchenko - winner named D. Shcherbakivsky, Ludmilla Mel'nyk, Rose Kutasevych - the deserved Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, Lyudmila Kharchenko, Zinaida Volkova, Valentina Yukhimenko;

- Master of Fine Arts: George Cojocaru - the deserved mayter Folk Art of Ukraine;

- Master of ethnographic toys: Galina Pavliv - the deserved Master of Folk Art of Ukraine;

- Masters of ceramics: Larissa Zholud, Victor Nahurnyy, Alexander Vilchynskyy - the deserved Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, winner of the Prize. D. Shcherbakivsky;

- Masters of carving: Feodosij Spolitak - the deserved Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, Vitaliy Babenko, Basil Mendyuk;

- Master of painting pidlakovoho: Lily Kudenko - Folk Arts;

- Master of the straw: Tatiana Pavlenko;

- Master of pysanky - vykladanky: Nataliya Babenko;

- Master of paper decorations: Irina Kuzmenko;

- Masters of natural materials: Rita Sidorenko, Irina Yudochkina;

- Master of wicker weaving: Igor Biryukov.

Create beauty and actively participate in regional, national, international events masters of the regional branch of National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine, Zaporozhye city association of artists "Kolorit" of the regional public organization "Makosh" creative unions "Blossom kalina" "Stegina", "Samotsvety of Zaporozhye", "Malva," "Hope" from Melitopol, "Suzir'ja" of Priazov, Malobilozerska esthetic gymnasium - internat Divosvit", "Sea patterns" of Primorska.

For more information about the wizards decorative - applied and fine arts exhibition and activity area please contact the regional training center for Culture and Arts, tel: 787-48-23, tel. / Fax: 787-48-21, E-mail: