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Description of All-Ukrainian social project "Ornament Way"


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with a rich history, ancient traditions and culture, beautiful
nature and highly hospitable people. Unfortunately, Ukraine remains touristically unexplored not only for
foreigners but also for Ukrainians. Though, the potential of internal tourism of Ukraine, which may be one of the
budget forming sectors of the economy, is extremely high. That is why it is necessary to begin active work on the
development of internal tourism in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Currently, Ukraine is known worldwide mostly through the Revolution of Dignity and number of tragic
events which, unfortunately, are still occurring in the east of the country Therefore, it is extremely important to
restore a sense of unity of the Ukrainian nation from east to west. "Ornament Way" is supposed to become a
symbol of of Unification of Ukraine and create a positive brand of our country to the world.

The main purpose of Ukrainian social project "Ornament Way” is to create a special touristic route that
will pass through the country from Uzhgorod to Kharkiv and permeate all country, like embroidery, uniting
western and eastern regions of Ukraine together.

Our project is called to erase the borders inside of the country, destroy stereotypes, connect the parts of
the country and reveal its unexplored beauty, with its significant historic sites, scenic views as well as with kind
and hospitable people. The route of "Ornament Way” can be passed by riding the bike, walking and some parts
of it can be overcome on horseback.

The main stages of implementation of "Ornament Way" are: the creation of a route based on the existing
infrastructure; physical marking of the route; creating an interactive platform consisting of a website and mobile
application; opening a route through the nationwide bicycle race Uzhgorod - Kyiv - Kharkiv on the 24th
anniversary of Independence of Ukraine and a number of regional culinary and folk festivals in the towns and
villages through which the route of will "Ornament Way" be held with hosting mega festival in Kyiv.

The goal of the "Ornament Way":

•    To present cultural and tourist assets of Ukraine to the whole world;
•    To popularize healthy lifestyle and active outdoor tourism;
•    To support the development of rural areas;
•    To contribute to the creation and promotion of a positive image / brand of Ukraine;
•    To popularize organic agricultural production. The expected effect from realization of "Ornament Way":

Social and political

•     "Ornament Way" is supposed to become a symbol of unity of Ukraine;
•    Symbolic association of the "Ornament Way" with the tourist route network will emphasize the European status of Ukraine;
•    Tourists will discover the traditions, culture, beauty and hospitality of Ukraine;
•    Creating a positive brand of Ukraine;
•    promote active and healthy lifestyle;


•    Rural Development;
•    Encourage development of local business;
•    Creation of new infrastructure and business;
•    Increase demand for the products of local farmers;
•    Creation of new jobs;
•    The increase in revenue in local budgets;
•    Raising Capital and foreign investments;
•    Encourage the development of domestic and inbound tourism

Presentation of «Ornament Way»