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Zaporizhzhia land – a land of the Cossacks glory, a steppe pearl of the South of Ukraine

Запорожская степь

Zaporizhzhia oblast’ is located in south-eastern Ukraine on the black earths (chernozems) of a steppe area; except its powerful industrial and energy potential the oblast’ has enough valuable nature, historic and cultural resources for stable development of resort and recreation sphere.

A southern part of Zaporizhzhia oblast’ is bounded by the Azov Sea, which coast line within the oblast’  is over 300 kilometres. The Dnipro River basin and remains of the former plavnis (low parts of downstream valleys of some Ukrainian rivers covered with reed and trees) of the Velykyi Lug (the Great Meadow/Grassland) constitute a recreational factor stabilizing industrial environment of the region.

The territory of the oblast’ populated with 1860 thousand people covers 27, 2 thousand square kilometres and has a developed transportation system including: railway, automotive, river and aviation.


Favourable climatic conditions, marvelous coastal landscapes of the Dnipro, mineral water streams, therapeutic muds, gentle and warm waters of the Azov Sea attract tourists’ attention. Berdyans’k, Prymors’k and Kyrylivka as resorts are increasingly popular among holidaymakers. On 11.01.2005   the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law "On Declaration of Berdyansk City health and recreation locality in Zaporizhzhia Oblast’ as Resort of National Significance”.

Practically all balneological types of mineral waters and therapeutic muds have been explored and used within the oblast’. Ozocerite and speleo-therapy are widely used medicinally in health-improving establishments.  

In whole, resort and recreational territories cover almost 15% of the oblast’.  

Азовское море

As little as 600 health-improving establishments operate in the region’s Azov Sea coast and basin of the Dnipro River.

There are a number of green tourism lodges created in the district.

A peculiar feature of this land is a unique combination of natural conditions, landscapes, various recreational resources with a row of emotionally powerful historic, archaeological, architectural monuments and those of monumental arts.

There are about 8 thousand registered objects of historical and cultural heritage in the oblast’, the most interesting for tourists are:

ХортицаKhortytsya Island – a unique complex natural, historical and cultural monument which covers the period from the Mesolithic period till the XXth century, world-known as a cradle of the Zaporozhzhya Cossaks and a center of  the first in the world democratic republic.

Taking into account natural and arcaeological peculiarity of the island and in order to provide state protection and save its integrity Khortytsya was declared as the State Historical and Cultural Preserve in 1965.

In 1993 the State Historical and Cultural Preserve received the national status. It includes Khortytsya Island and its neighbouring islands and cliffs: Baida, Dubovyi, Rost’yobin, TryStogy, Serednya, Blyznyuky and Urochische Vyrva on the right bank of the Dnipro River. The total area of the preserve is 2359, 34ha.

Khortytsya is the largest Dnipro River (with the length of 12.5 km and the widest point up to .5 km). The Khortytsya National Park was included into the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine. On its territory 63 archaeological and historical monuments are located, 33 of them are state registered.

7 health spa resorts, 9 health resort hotels, 1 vacation camp for children, 2 hotels, 3 restaurants, 3 boat stations, 2 theatres and the "Zaporizhzhialis” Sate Zaporizhzhia Forestry Union are located on Khortytsya Island.

1443 people inhabit 10 localities.

The Museum of History of the Zaporozhzhya Cossacks was founded on the territory of the Khortytsya National Park, and it is structurally subordinated to the Park. The museum exposition comprises four sections, four dioramas and exhibitions. The Zaporoz’ka Sich History and Cultural Complex has been building on the territory of the Khortytsya National Park since 2004.
The State History and Archaeology Preserve of Kam’yana Mohyla (Melitopol’ district) – on the preserve’s territory that covers 15 ha there is a sandhill of 3 ha, which is a unique monument of the ancient history and culture. Petroglyph complexes, the unique samples of primitive art dated to an age of  up to14 million years,  were found in the grottoes and caves (in present 60 of them discovered) of the sandhill.

the Vasylivskiy Historical and Architectural Museum Preserve of Sadyba Popova (Vasylivka district) – a marvel of town planning, a museum of  castle architecture of the late classical period, was built in 1884.  According to specialists, there are no analogues of such high quality brickwork, neither in Ukraine and countries of CIS nor in Europe.

the Kam’yani Mohyly Preserve (Rozivka district) was founded on the 5th of April, 1927 as a unique conservation territory of local significance. It covers about 400 ha, of them 300 ha belong to Donetsk oblast’ and 100ha to Zaporizhzhia oblast’. Now, it is one of four preserves of the Ukrainian Steppe Nature Preserve wich is subordinated to NAS of Ukraine Presidium.  An area of urochishche "Kam’yani Mohyly” is at the same time unique and representative in geological, biological, historical, artistical and emotional aspects.

Immovable tangible monuments from those archaeological findings discovered in the kurgans (burial mounds) of Kamy’ans’ke gorodische, a number of memorial places related with famous personalities like Nestor Makhno, Dmytro Dontsov and others are world known far outside Ukraine.

The Dniproges (Dnipro Hydroelectric Station) and a district of the socialist city of Zaporizhzhia smoothly integrated with it, planned by the Vesnin brothers, world- known architectors, add positiveness into a tourist image of the region.

22 state museums with the general quantity of 333 thousand items of the assets and a number of the museum expositions are tourist appeal of the region.

Carrying out the Concept of the tourism and resorts development in Zaporizhzhia oblast’ new tourist objects are constantly being included into the tourist routes. Historical, sports, green, village, children, youth, business, ethno and other types of internal and external tourism have been actively developed.  

The uniqueness of the tourist and resort sector has been achieved due to well-studied polyethnicity of Zaporizhzia, a junction of the resort, recreational and tourist direction with the traditional projects of the region, bright achievements in saving and development of works and crafts and civic engagement to Khortytsya Island as to a centre of the statehood, democratic and national traditions of Ukraine.